Thursday, March 6, 2008

State employee arrested twice for prostitution crimes; Last night for prostituting a minor

3/6/08 (Updated 3/12/08) -- OKC, OK - A woman identified as a state of Oklahoma employee has been arrested twice in the last three weeks for prostitution related crimes - including child prostitution.

According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, Caryn Janelle Mitchell, 28, (see photo left) was arrested February 19 on a complaint of aiding prostitution.

Reportedly, an undercover police officer contacted an escort service and requested an escort to be sent to the Value Place Inn on the North I-44 Service Rd.

The escort, identified as a Tykisha A. J., 29, was driven to the hotel by Mitchell.

Tykisha was arrested on a complaint of offering to engage in prostitution after she reportedly "agreed to provide specific sexual contact in exchange for $300."

Mitchell was arrested on a complaint of aiding prostitution.

According to the Oklahoma County Jail, Mitchell was rearrested last night and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on a complaint of transporting a minor to engage in an act of prostitution.

Mitchell has been released on a $2,500 bond.

Mitchell listed her employer as the State of Oklahoma Disability Determination Unit. An internet search shows the DDU is a division of Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS).

Additionally, has been doing some public records digging and found the following;

  1. Records show a "Caryn Mitchell" is seeking a divorce with minor children from a Tirus Mitchell.
  2. Records show "Caryn Mitchell" sought (but did not show up for) a VPO hearing regarding Tirus.
  3. A records search of "Tirus Mitchell" shows a conviction for possession/distibution of video discs with obscene content [DOC record].
  4. Further record searches show that a man using the alias "Tirus Mitchell" and listing the same home address as Caryn listed in her arrest last night has been convicted of murder and sexual abuse of a child [DOC record]. The address in common is 520 Wisconsin in Oklahoma City.
  5. It appears Mitchell's charges have been filed under a "misc." case number.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Video Vigilante featured in LA Times

3/4/08 -- Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante was featured on last Saturday's front page of the LA Times.

You can read the article here.