Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Criminals Gone Wild' producer underfire and under investigation over 'reality' DVD

12/18/07 -- Brooklyn, N.Y. - A DVD purporting to show real footage of violent crimes including shootings, carjackings and sexual assault has the Internet buzzing, police investigating and critics outraged at reality filmmaking gone wild.

Producer Ousala Aleem, 25, says he has already sold more than 10,000 copies of "Criminals Gone Wild," which reportedly contains raw and uncut footage of robberies, muggings, drive-by shootings and assaults.

Police in New York City are looking into whether the footage is indeed real.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Local News: Sheriff's deputy busted with handicapped street prostitute in South OKC

12/17/07 -- OKC, OK - A reserve deputy with the Pottawatomie County sheriff's office was arrested Friday afternoon for allegedly engaging in public sex with a mentally handicapped street prostitute.

James R. Dean, 54, of Tecumseh, was observed by police officers soliciting a known street prostitute near a public park at SW 36th and South Robinson Ave. in South Oklahoma City.

Leola S., 41, is known to JohnTV.com as a habitual street prostitute and drug addict. Making matters worse, Leola is mentally handicapped.

Police report that they watched as Dean procured Leola and then parked near SE 39th and Broadway.

Officers approached Dean's vehicle and reportedly observed him engaging in a lewd act with Leola.

Reportedly, officers were able to ascertain that Dean offered Leola $10 for oral sex in public.

Both Dean and Leola were taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

KOKH Fox25 news reported that Dean has been removed from the reserved deputy list in his county.

Charges of engaging in an act of public lewdness are expected to be filed against both Dean and Leola.

The official police report has not yet been released.

Check back with JohnTV.com for more information as it becomes available.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nat'l News: Man pleads guilty to sex trafficking

12/15/07 -- Tennessee - A man admitted this week in a federal courtroom to luring two juvenile girls into the United States under false pretenses and forcing them into prostitution in Memphis and Nashville.

Juan Mendez pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of commercial sex trafficking and now faces up to life in prison.

Mendez admitted during his plea hearing that the girls entered the United States from Mexico believing they would be restaurant workers. Instead, they were forced to work at brothels in Memphis and Nashville.

According to the original criminal complaint filed against Mendez last year, he was accused of beating and raping one of the girls and keeping the money she made as a prostitute.

Mendez and his partner, Cristina Andres Perfecto, were charged last year after a series of raids and the arrests of several men for running brothels.

In all, nine defendants have pleaded guilty in a case that involves charges of child sex trafficking, conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

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Nat'l News: Sex sting charges on hold after doctor and lawyer arrested

12/15/07 -- Worcester, MA - Solicitation charges against a doctor and lawyer arrested in a prostitution sting last month were continued without pleas or findings yesterday in Central District Court. Dr. Peter A. Rice, 65, of 3 Country Lane, Southboro, and lawyer Conrad M. Swartz, 65, of 12 Crowningshield Drive, Paxton, were charged Nov. 10 with engaging, agreeing to engage or offering to engage in sex for a fee after they allegedly solicited sex from an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute in the Main South section of the city. They were among about 20 people arrested in the two-day sting. Dr. Rice, a specialist in infectious and sexually transmitted diseases and author of more than 145 professional publications in the field, told the Telegram & Gazette he was “gathering information” at the time of his arrest and was not guilty of the charge. A staff member at UMass Memorial Medical Center and a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr. Rice was placed on leave after being charged, a UMass spokesman said.Dr. Rice and Mr. Swartz were both placed on pretrial probation for 60 days yesterday and ordered to complete a program designed to teach prostitutes’ customers about the dangers of paying for sex.

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Toronto police unit strives to build trust with sex workers

12/15/07 -- Toronto, Canada - Toronto police have launched a special victims unit devoted solely to investigating sexual assaults against prostitutes in the city. In a year and a half, the four-person unit made 19 arrests and investigated 35 cases, some of women addicted to drugs and hooking on the street, and some of escorts working indoors, who now make up the majority of the trade.

Det. Wendy Leaver said her unit is trying to change the way sex trade workers see police in Toronto and also help prevent abductions, violent crime and homicide in the high risk community. As well, she anticipates the unit will shake up those in society who still view rape among prostitutes as an occupational hazard.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Nat'l News: Wisconsin man sentenced to 7-years for child prostitution

12/12/07 -- Amery, WI - A 37-year-old Amery man was sentenced to seven years in prison and 14 years’ extended supervision as the result of a plea bargain in a case in which he was accused of trading drugs for sex with a runaway 15-year-old staying at his home in Nye. Daniel E. Owens was sentenced by Judge Robert Rasmussen on Monday for his role in the abuse and imprisonment of the teen. As part of a plea agreement reached Nov. 29, Owens pleaded no contest to soliciting a child for prostitution and distributing methamphetamine to a minor. The man who bartered with Owens, Kevin D. Madsen, 46, Amery, was found guilty in July of four felonies in connection with the case and is scheduled to be sentenced in February.

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Int'l News: Bulgaria one of Europe's biggest prostitute exporters: study

12/12/07 -- Bulgaria - Bulgaria is one of Europe's biggest exporters of prostitutes and has one of the largest and most developed networks of prostitutes in the continent, a new study said Wednesday.

In the southern town of Sliven, which has a population of about 100,000 people, the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD) estimated that one out of every 15 women aged between 15 and 30 was engaged in prostitution.

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Int'l News: Action plan to fight human trafficking finalized

12/12/07 -- China - The country's first action plan to better protect women and children from forced labor or prostitution has been finalized and may be released as early as Friday, a senior police officer said Wednesday.

The National Plan of Action to Combat Human Trafficking (2008-12) covers prevention, prosecution of criminals, victim assistance, repatriation, recovery and international cooperation, Du Hangwei, director of the criminal investigation bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, told a conference in Beijing.

He said the plan, involving 28 ministries including public security, foreign affairs, and labor and social security, aims to "provide sustainable and long-term solutions to human trafficking".

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Nat'l News: FBI Investigation Reveals High Profile Customers of Sex Operation

12/12/07 -- Various Counties in New York State - Federal wiretaps have identified a judge, a police captain, an Immigration officer and a sheriff's deputy among those who may have been clients of a prostitution ring.

On Monday, FBI raids closed four of the businesses in Erie and Niagra County. The U.S. Attorney's office says nine young Asian women were smuggled into the country, and then forced to work as prostitutes. According to the FBI, most of the activity with the high-profile clientele took place at a massage parlor in Wheatfield. Perhaps the most troubling information contained in the complaint is based on a wiretap from August. It involves an unnamed sheriff's deputy, and followed a police raid of massage parlors in Buffalo.

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Nat'l News: Jury recommends death for Ohio man convicted of child rape and prostitution

12/12/07 -- Evansport, OH - A Caddo District Court jury late this afternoon recommended Richard Davis, 35, receive a death sentence for repeatedly raping and molesting a 5-year-old girl and using a teen for prostitution.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Local: Prostitution sting nets 11 overnight

12/4/07 -- OKC, OK - In an ongoing effort to rid Oklahoma City communities of street prostitution, police arrested 11 overnight on prostitution related complaints.

According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following individuals were booked into the oklahoma County jail;

  1. E. Brock White female DOB: 5/6/83 Lawton, OK Charges: Offering to engage, public indecency, public drunk and giving false information.
  2. K. Cole Black female DOB: 11/9/64 Shawnee, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  3. M. Corbitt White female DOB: 1/21/71 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  4. C. Hobbs White female DOB: 10/19/86 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  5. M. Hohlt White female DOB: 10/8/68 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  6. B. Hurd White female DOB: 8/16/57 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  7. P. Williams White female DOB: 3/14/66 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  8. Jose Luna Mexican male DOB: 1/19/82 OKC, OK Resides in the 3100 block of SW19th. Charge: Offering to engage.
  9. Jerry D. Rice Black male DOB: 4/7/78 Del City, OK Resides at 3904 SE 14th Charge: Offering to engage.
  10. Jason T. Sanders White male DOB: 7/29/77 OKC, OK Resides in the Grouse Run Apts at 2401 NW 122 Charge: Offering to engage.
  11. Guadalupe D. Silvavazquez Mexican male DOB: 3/17/67 OKC, OK Resides in the 3800 block of SW 39th Charge: Offering to engage.

National: Austin residents take to the streets to protest prostitution

12/3/07 -- Austin, TX - Neighbors and members of the North Austin Civic Association in the Rundberg-Interstate 35 area of North Austin raised their voices again Saturday morning in protest of neighborhood crime.

The protestors claim some local businesses are perpetuating the area's problems with drug deals and prostitution.

Protesters walked the streets with signs reading, "Keep Crime Out." "Hotels, Don't Serve Dealers." and "Police the Problem, Not the People."

"There are still businesses who, after the march, have not gotten proactive and joined our efforts in clearing the criminal element out of that area and creating a better quality of life," Anthony Williams of the North Austin Civic Association said.

"We put this little protest together because some of the businesses are catering to crime," said Larry Hardison of the Northcreek Georgian Neighborhood Association.

This is their second neighborhood event in four months.

Police have called the area's crime problem "severe." Rundberg Lane has been the site of two murders in two years, countless drug deals and prostitution in hourly motels.

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Local: 'John' sting hooks Bible college student and 6 others

12/03/07 (Updated 12/4/07) -- OKC, OK - A 21-year student at Hillsdale Free Will Baptist Bible College in Norman was among those arrested earlier this week in an apparent 'John' sting.

According to the oklahoma County jail blotter, the following were arrested on prostitution related complaints last Wednesday;

  1. Raymond David Jones Black male DOB: 9/29/86 Resides at Hillsdale College in Norman Charge: Offering to engage.
  2. Jose C. Lopez Mexican male DOB: 8/13/85 Resides in OKC in 1600 block of N. Jones Charge: Offering to engage.
  3. Juan C. Melgoza Mexican male DOB: 11/23/67 Resides in Norman in the 2000 block of Alameda Charge: Offering to engage.
  4. Miguel Velasco Mexican male DOB: 9/29/82 Resides in OKC in the 1400 block of SW 74th. Charge: Offering to engage.
  5. J. Conners White female DOB: 11/22/83 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  6. F. Henderson Black female DOB: 8/20/88 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  7. A. Workman White female DOB: 8/4/65 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.

Jones was arrested around 6pm last Wednesday near SW 43rd and S. Robinson Ave.

According to the official police report, Jones offered an undercover police officer, posing as a street prostitute, $20 to perform a sex act on him.

Jones was driving a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass that was impounded upon his arrest.

Jones listed his address as the Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College in Norman and his occupation as 'student.'

A call placed to Hillsdale from JohnTV.com confirmed a current student by the same name and date of birth.

Hillsdale's mission statement reads... "Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College is a Christian institution of higher education committed to the intellectual, spiritual, social, moral, and physical development of its students. It seeks to prepare students to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, both in the church and in society at large."

Check back with JohnTV.com for more information as it becomes available.

Local: Husband and wife arrested on prostitution complaints

11/29/07 (updated 12/03/07) -- OKC, OK - Earlier this week, a husband and wife were taken into police custody on prostitution complaints stemming from an online ad.

According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, Elijah Daniel Matelsky, 24, and his wife, Regina Jo Matelsky, 26, were arrested monday evening by Oklahoma City police officers in the 1700 block of Riviera Ln. (possible 'Rivera' and possibly 'Drive' instead of 'Lane' - the police report is not consistent).

Unconfirmed information given to JohnTV.com indicates the couple had placed an ad on CraigsList.com advertising escort services. CraigsList has come under fire over the years as a major contributor to online prostitution and even child trafficking, through use of its free and loosely regulated classified advertising services.

JohnTV.com has been able to confirm that Regina has been soliciting online under the name "Courtney[omitted by JohnTV.com]" on several adult oriented websites.

According to the official police report, "a vice enforcement officer made contact with [Regina Matelsky]. [Matelsky] agreed to provide specific sexual contact in exchange for $190."

When the Matelsky duo were being arrested, it was also discovered that they were concealing a stolen 2007 Ford Mustang in their garage.

Arresting officers confiscated a Motorola cell phone, Toshiba computer, electrical converter and two Lifestyles condoms (hey, she's a 'safety girl').

JohnTV.com placed a call to the Oklahoma County Jail and were told that Elijah is being held for Canadian County and the US Marshals. Regina is being held for Canadian County only.

A review of court records shows that Elijah is no stranger to the law.

In 2003, Elijah was found guilty of assault and battery. In 2006 he was found guilty of DUI. In that case, Elijah listed his employer and address as the U.S. Army.

As of this morning, both Elijah and Regina are still being held in the Oklahoma County jail.

On a side note, public records also show that the Matelsky duo filed a civil lawsuit in Oklahoma County against the Remington Apartments in OKC on November 13.

Court records show the Matelsky's are suing for $1,500 for "1st months rent, deposit and hotel bills, food, stress."

The Matelsky's listed a Bethany home address in the small claims court papers.

Local: Four women arrested overnight on prostitution complaints

11/20/07 -- OKC, OK - According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following individuals were booked into the Oklahoma County jail overnight on prostitution related complaints;

  1. M. Boone Black female DOB: 2/7/80 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage
  2. B. Dewitt White female DOB: 5/8/81 Resides: OKC, OK Charges: Public indecency and giving false information.
  3. A. Hauser White female DOB: 8/27/86 Resides: OKC, OK Charges: Offering to engage and felony computer crimes.
  4. L. Robinson Black female DOB: 10/31/80 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.

Local: OCPD Cracks Down on Street Prostitution; 10 women arrested overnight

11/14/07 -- OKC, OK - Oklahoma City police arrest 10 street prostitutes overnight, one is a convicted murderer.

According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following women were booked into jail on prostitution related complaints on November 11;

  1. D. Black White female DOB: 4/9/69 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  2. M. Ford Black female DOB: 5/26/67 Resides: Spencer, OK Charges: Offering to engage, giving false information and failure to appear.
  3. S. Gordon Black female DOB: 7/27/78 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  4. K. Horse Indian female DOB: 6/27/79 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  5. J. Johnson Black female DOB: 4/12/73 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  6. L. Jones Black female DOB: 7/19/59 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  7. A. Lane Black female DOB: 9/25/85 Resides: OKC, OK Charges: Offering to engage and giving false information.
  8. S. Sanders White female DOB: 2/7/63 Resides: OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  9. L. Scott Black female DOB: 8/23/67 Resides: OKC, OK Charges: Offering to engage and fugitive from justice.
  10. L. Simpson Black female DOB: 9/15/72 Resides: OKC, OK Charges: Offering to engage and fugitive from justice.

One of the women arrested, Shaunte Marie Gordon is no stranger to law enforcement or the judicial system. In 1997, Gordon plead guilty to 2nd degree murder in Oklahoma County (after originally being charged with 1st degree murder). According to court records, the murder occurred in 1994, when Gordon was only 16-years old.

Gordon served only 10-years in prison for the murder and was released in July of 2006. Gordon immediately returned to street prostitution and drugs. Gordon is on probation until 2022.

Gordon was arrested in December of 2006 for prostitution. That case is still pending.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's office is also seeking a revocation of Gordon's probation.

Gordon is set to appear regarding her revocation December 18th.

Local: Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Kidnapping and Forcing Wichita Woman to Prostitute on S. Robinson in OKC

11/13/07 -- OKC, OK - A woman from Wichita, Kansas is allegedly kidnapped, brought to Oklahoma City and forced to prostitute herself on South Robinson Ave. Two men have been arrested for the crime.

According to police reports, the victim, a 22-year old woman from Wichita, was kidnapped by Christopher Lavell Kelly, 28 (above left), and Darren Keith Fue, 43 (above right). Both men listed home addresses in Wichita.

Police allege that the victim was brought to Oklahoma last Tuesday (11/6/07) and immediately taken to South Robinson Ave in the Capitol Hill community of South Oklahoma City. The victim claims she was forced to prostitute herself for the monetary benefit of the two men.

Last Friday, the victim was able to call her father in Wichita and tell him she was being held against her will at the Executive Inn on South I-35.

The victim's father called police, who in turn responded to room 115.

According to police, when officers pulled in front of the hotel room, Kelly initially opened the door and "immediately slammed the door shut when he saw [a] police car."

After several minutes Kelly opened the door and the victim was allowed to speak to police.

The victim told police on the scene that the two men "threatened to kick her ass" if she refused to prostitute herself. The victim went on to tell police that "she was in fear for her life and was afraid to leave."

The two men were placed under arrest on suspicion of pimping and kidnapping.

Fue was currently wanted on outstanding Oklahoma County warrants.

The two men were transported and booked into the Oklahoma County jail. Both are being held on bail in excess of $50,000.

Additional Resources:

  1. Videos of examples of street prostitution on South Robinson can be found below. JohnTV.com does grant permission for news outlets to air footage we publish to YouTube.com - simply email us for permission at media@videovigilante.com and give credit to JohnTV.com..
  2. Prostitution in Oklahoma City - Robinson Minute 03/2007
  3. OKC Police Crack Down on Street Prostitution
  4. Prostitute and her 'John' Busted Near Kids
  5. Old Man Picks Up Hooker with Kids
  6. OCPD's Zero Tolerance Approach to Prostitutes!
  7. Lowe's Delivery Driver Caught Having Sex with Hooker
  8. Wichita Eagle newspaper (JohnTV.com mentioned)

Video Vigilante to Appear This week on the Maury Povich Show

11/12/07 -- Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates, marks his return to the Maury Povich Show this week.

As reported 10/31, Bates, who previously appeared regularly on the Maury Povich Show for several seasons, has renewed his relationship with the show after a three year absence.

Bates is set to appear tomorrow (11/13) on the Maury Show.

Bates says this appearance, which was taped in late October, will highlight seven video examples of 'Johns' busted with street prostitutes in Oklahoma City.

Locally, the Maury Show airs on KAUT (COX ch 16) at 11:00 a.m. (CST).

Check your local listings for additional channels and times.

Check back after the show and JohnTV.com will have links to all the videos featured on the show.

Click here to see videos of Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante in action!

Video Vigilante featured on ABC's Nightline

11/2/07 -- Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante and founder of JohnTV.com, Brian Bates, was featured on tonight's Nightline on ABC.

As reported on JohnTV, Jim Avila, senior law and justice ABC news correspondent, spent a few days last week riding along with Bates as he uses his video camera to expose the graphic realities of street prostitution in South Oklahoma City, along the notorious 'Robinson stroll.'

Also featured in this report was Yvonne, a former street prostitute and drug addict.

In 2002 Bates recorded a heart-breaking interview with Yvonne. In that interview, Yvonne tells a tale of addiction, disease and of being 'turned out' by her own mother at 12-years old.

Fast forward 5 years and Nightline reunites Bates and Yvonne, who now owns her own beauty salon just outside Oklahoma City and is attending college.

Bates tells JohnTV.com that Yvonne's story is proof that city leaders should not give up on women lost to street prostitution.

Additional Resources:

  1. Nightline segment (external link)
  2. Yvonne's complete first interview (external link)
  3. See the hooker and 'John' bust featured on Nightline as it happened. (external link - coming soon)

Video Vigilante Guest on Montel Williams Show

10/31/07 -- Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of JohnTV.com, was a guest on an episode of the Montel Williams Show that aired yesterday (10/30/07 - locally on KAUT).

Bates was asked to appear on the show to discuss his video activism and the rampant street prostitution issues in South OKC.

Bates' appearance featured clips from the now infamous Lowe's delivery driver bust, a prostitute arrested for flashing passing cars and drug possession and a prostitute struggling to try and get away from an Oklahoma City police officer.

This was Bates' first appearance on the Montel Show.

Additional Resources:

  1. Description of episode (external link)
  2. See above episode in larger window (YouTube)
  3. See the full version of videos featured on Montel a) Lowe's driver busted b) Street hooker arrested for flashing (coming soon) c) Street hooker struggles with police officer.
  4. Watch all of the Video Vigilante videos (external link)

Video Vigilante to Return to Maury Povich Show

10/31/07 -- Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates, is returning to The Maury Povich Show after a three year absence.

For three seasons, Bates was a regular guest of the NYC based Maury Povich Show. Bates has not appeared on Maury since the beginning of 2005. Starting this week, Bates returns to the Maury Show.

Bates will be taping an episode, to air later in November, at the end of this week.

Bates tells JohnTV.com that he will be appearing on a regular basis throughout this season.

Bates' appearances focus on 'Johns' that have been caught on camera engaged in prostitution activities.

You can count on JohnTV.com to let you know when Bates' appearances will air.

UPDATE: The episode discussed in this article will be airing on Tuesday, November 13th. Check your local listings for channel and time. In OKC, Maury airs daily on KAUT (COX ch 16).

Two out-of-towners busted for solicitation in OKC

10/27/07 -- OKC, OK - Two men visiting Oklahoma City were arrested last week for allegedly soliciting an undercover police officer for prostitution.

According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the two men are identified as David Charles Fitzgerald, 45, of Lake St. Louis, MO. (see photo top left) and Thomas Brandon Lesny, 46, of West Seneca, NY (see photo top right).

While details of the arrest are few, police reports indicate the two were arrested last Wednesday evening.

Fitzgerald was arrested around 10:30pm at 4300 Highline Blvd. after apparently offering an undercover vice officer $100 for sex.

Lesny was arrested an hour earlier at 2308 S. Meridian (Governor's Suite Hotel) after apparently offering $150 for sex.

Both men posted bond within hours of their arrest and were released from custody.

No word yet why the men were in Oklahoma City.

You can count on JohnTV.com to bring you the details when/if these two men are formally charged with a crime.

Nat'l News: Law professor charged with soliciting prostitution

10/27/07 -- Miami, FL - A University of Miami Law School professor was charged on Aug. 22 with one count of misdemeanor for soliciting a prostitute. Donald Marvin Jones, who has worked at the law school since 1988, approached a female, undercover police officer who was posing as a prostitute, according to the city of Miami Police Department incident report. The report says Jones offered the officer $20 for sex, and was subsequently stopped and arrested after the police officer gave the "take down signal." (read more - external link)

Int'l News: Illegal prostitution flourishes on Sunshine Coast

10/27/07 -- Australia - Illegal prostitution on the Gold Coast is out of control and the Sunshine Coast is probably not far behind, according to the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry.

Spokesman for the group which represents legal brothels and escort agencies in Melbourne, William Albon, said it was common knowledge that the illegal sex industry was booming in southeast Queensland and the problem required a multi-faceted approach.

"On a per capita basis the Gold Coast is clearly the illegal sex industry capital of Australia," Mr Albon said.

"You need the police, the Prostitution Licensing Authority, taxation and immigration officers to club together and take the villains head on.

(read more - external link)

Nat'l News: Today’s Hidden Slave Trade

10/27/07 -- The woman testifying in federal court in Lower Manhattan could hardly have seemed more insignificant.

She was an immigrant from South Korea and a prostitute, who spoke little or no English. She worked, she said, in brothels in New York, Philadelphia, Georgia, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C.

She did not offer a portrait of the good life. Speaking through an interpreter, she told about the time in D.C. when a guy came in who looked “like a mental patient, a psycho.” Weirded out, she wanted nothing to do with him. But she said the woman who ran the brothel assured her everything would be fine.

(read more - external link)

Nat'l News: Major Prostitution Ring Busted on Northwest Side

10/27/07 -- San Antonio, TX - A prostitution ring was busted on the Northwest Side, and police said it could be one of the largest in South Texas.

Investigators are calling the house on Callaghan and Vance Jackson the home base where money, phone calls, and requests for sex all came together.

"It's a nice neighborhood; it's a quiet neighborhood," said neighbor Adrian Arredondo.

But neighbors were shocked to find out what may have been going on right next door.

"This is quite possibly the largest prostitution ring/escort service in South Texas," said San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus.

(read more - external link)

Int'l News: Prostitutes Strike in Bolivia

10/27/07 -- As of Wednesday morning, Bolivia's "night workers" are on strike. Up to 35,000 prostitutes across the country have refused to report for the medical checkups required every 20 days to legally work the streets. By continuing to serve clients without ensuring they're disease-free, the sex workers' action raises the risk to public health. It comes in response to attacks in the city of El Alto last week in which citizens burned brothels and beat sex workers in protest against legal prostitution.

(read more - external link)

Nat'l News: Officer, workers honored for busting child sex ring

10/24/07 -- Seneca County, NY - The Seneca County Sheriff's Office Tuesday night commended three officers and two child protective workers for their work busting a multi-county child sex ring.

Investigator John Cleere and case workers Connie Foster and Lynda Stanistreet were part of a joint investigation that began in December 2005 and ultimately unearthed several victims ranging in age from 1-year-old to 15-years-old. The types of abuse and exploitation included sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, drugs and child prostitution.

In August 2006, Wayne County Sheriff's deputies joined the

investigation, which led to the arrest of five adults on 85 charges - 60 of which were felonies.

Nat'l News: Mom pleads guilty to making daughters hookers

10/24/07 -- Texas - A woman who sold her teen daughters into prostitution so she could buy drugs pleaded guilty Tuesday.

Nelsi Latuda, 35, got 20 years in prison for forcing her 14- and 16-year-old daughters to have sex for money.

Her boyfriend, 21-year-old Pedro Espinoza Escama, who is also accused in the crime, remains at large.

(read more - external link)

Int'l News: Sex in the sun - It is a seedier side of Spanish life which few talk about

10/24/07 -- Spain - She says her name is Rina, but it almost certainly is not.

Asked where she comes from, she says the East, but refuses to say any more.

She isn’t there to talk. She is pretty, perhaps late teens or early twenties, dyed hair, an outfit ludicrously skimpy for early January; she must be freezing cold. Her eyes are old, the pupils slightly dilated. She gets irritable at questions.

Rina is a Roundabout Girl, one of the prostitutes that stand around certain roundabouts along the Orihuela Costa, in south-east Spain, selling themselves for less than EUR 50, for a brief and sordid encounter in a car at the back of a building site.

(read more - external link)

Nat'l News: Drug dealer convicted of murdering 2 prostitutes

10/24/07 -- Buffalo, NY - Harold Bonner was convicted late Tuesday in the murders of two Buffalo prostitutes in 1995 and early last year.

The verdict followed a three-week trial before Senior Erie County Judge Michael L. D’Amico. Bonner, 54, did not testify or present any alibi witnesses. The jury reached a verdict after deliberating for about eight hours.

Bonner will be sentenced Jan. 28. Jailed since his arrest in Boston, Mass., in June 2006, Bonner faces 50 years to life in prison. He was was tried on two charges of second-degree murder in the fatal beating of Kimberly Warren in July 1995 and the strangulation of Mechelle Hicks on Jan. 4, 2006. First-degree murder charges were dismissed before the trial.

(read more - external link)

Int'l News: Dutch police ends child trafficking ring

10/24/07 -- Dutch authorities have smashed an international Nigerian child trafficking ring, making 20 arrests in seven countries, the national prosecutor's office said Wednesday.

International gangs smuggled Nigerian children, mostly girls, to the Netherlands from where they were sent to other countries to work as prostitutes, the prosecutor's office said.

Dutch police arrested 13 people in several cities. At the request of Dutch authorities five additional suspects were arrested in New York, Madrid, Antwerp in Belgium and Britain. Last week a sixth suspect was arrested in Dublin.

(read more - external link)

Int'l News: 'You Cruise, You Lose' - Police to renew effort to tow johns' cars

10/24/07 -- Edmonton, Alberta, CA - The Edmonton Police Service is expected today to announce its strategy to throw a wrench in the sale of sex on Edmonton's streets. Chief Mike Boyd and Solicitor General Fred Lindsay are scheduled to announce the launch of the You Cruise, You Lose campaign this afternoon.

Calgary police were quick to take advantage of the new law, seizing two cars about two weeks after the legislation passed. Since then, 64 vehicles have been seized in Calgary, adding up to $20,000 in towing fees and about 420 hours of community service being assigned and completed by johns. (read more - external link)

Related Story:

Johns have lost 114 vehicles (external link)

Nat'l News: DC Fire Department Investigated for Running Prostitution Ring

10/23/07 -- Washington, DC - A federal grand jury has been convened to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct by D.C. Fire and EMS employees.

Since August, the internal affairs unit has focused on numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, including reports that as many as a dozen fire department employees were involved in a prostitution ring.

(read more - external link)

Nat'l News: Orlando Weekly Employees Arrested Over Escort Ads

10/22/07 -- Orlando, FL - After reportedly asking an Orlando Weekly to stop allowing ads that were allegedly a front for prostitution, police arrest three of the papers staff members.

According to published reports, the arrests are the result of a two-year investigation.

Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) identified those arrested as director of classified advertising Jarrell Martin, 43, and account executives Katherine Miller and Christopher Whitingis.

All three face charges of benefiting monetarily from the proceeds of prostitution.

The arrests happened last friday at an Orlando hotel, where the Orlando Weekly employees were participating in a job fair.

It seems trouble started after the Orlando Weekly ignored requests by local authorities to stop publishing escort and massage ads in the 'adult services' section of their newspaper.

The Orlando Weekly reportedly responded to the request by saying they had no plans to change their advertising policies.

MBI estimates that the Orlando Weekly has made almost $2.5 million in profits over the last five years from the ads.

And, before you go flying that "free speech," First Amendment flag too high, police claim they sent female undercover officers to the Orlando Weekly and made it clear the ads they wanted to publish were for prostitution - free speech ends when it is in furtherance of a crime.

Additional Resources;

  1. Orlando Weekly’ Workers Accused Of Aiding Prostitution (10/19/07 - News13)
  2. Agents Arrest Orlando Weekly Employees Over Escort Ad(10/19/07 - WFTV News9)
  3. Investigators Send Letters To Orlando Weekly About Adult Ads (10/18/07 - WFTV News9)
  4. More AlternaWeekly Blues (10/19/07 Reason.com)

Int'l News: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia Public Service Video

10/17/07 -- The following is a short video about human trafficking, for the purpose of prostitution, in Cambodia.

The video was produced by World Hope International.

Int'l News: UK City Scraps Prostitution Tolerance Zone

10/17/07 -- Aberdeen, UK - A controversial prostitution tolerance zone in Aberdeen has been scrapped because it is not compatible with tough new kerb-crawling laws.

The zone, which was based around the city's harbour, saw police turn a blind eye to prostitutes and their clients.

However, Grampian Police said that from Monday anyone soliciting prostitutes in the area would face arrest.

Supporters of the Street Prostitute Management Zone have called for an alternative scheme to be put in place.

About 130 prostitutes had been using the zone since it was introduced in July 2001.

Although police carried out regular patrols in the area, they were focused on protecting prostitutes from violence.

(read more - external link)

Nat'l News: 16-year-old boy will be tried as adult in prostitute's death

10/16/07 -- Edinburg, Tx - A 16-year-old boy will be tried as an adult in the rape, murder and disfigurement of a prostitute who was killed in February, officials said Wednesday.

Adrian Eleazar Ramirez faces six counts of murder, including two capital murder counts, and a sexual assault charge in the death of Maria Benita Zuniga, 21.

(read more - external link)

National News: Prostitutes hear of a different life

10/16/07 -- Corpus Christi, TX - The Corpus Christi Police Department is taking a different approach to finding a long-term solution to prostitution when stings and straight arrests fail.

Since the second week of September, the department has worked informally with a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Driscoll called Teen Challenge of South Texas.

Teaming up is a sign the department is trying more nontraditional tactics to fight a constant, migrating problem, said Capt. Jay Vesely. Drug addiction almost always is what pushes prostitutes to the streets to sell themselves, he said.

Teen Challenge gives the women a chance to change their lives, said Pastor Michael Adams, the center's executive director.

"It's just become a deep way of life -- it's rooted in them and it's sin," Adams said. "Most people don't want to confront it. They don't want to confront their real issues, instead of masking them."

(read more - external link)

National News: Teen charged with running prositution ring of high schoolers

10/16/07 -- Minneapolis, Minn - Federal authorities are investigating a 19-year-old Eagan, Minn. woman suspected of operating a prostitution ring of high school students through the motel where she worked.

Justine Alex Reisdorf was charged last month in a federal criminal complaint with recruiting minors for prostitution after some teenage girls who allegedly worked for her told investigators that she was actively recruiting clients for sex.

Investigators believe that Reisdorf advertised in the "erotic services" section of Craigslist.org, an Internet bulletin board, and more recently on the "Live Links" telephone chat line, according to a sworn statement by FBI agent Lisa Nielsen.

(read more - external link)

Mug Shot Movie Night a Success!

10/16/07 -- OKC, OK - The last two weekends, JohnTV.com has sponsored 'Mug Shot Movie Nights' on South Robinson Ave., in South Oklahoma City.

Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of JohnTV.com, says the reaction by the community and media has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I really didn't know what to expect," said Bates. "Naturally when you're taking your message to the offenders themselves you'd expect alot of vocal criticism and even threats, but that didn't happen.

For the last two weekends, Bates and a small group of business and property owners in the Robinson area gathered at the corner of SW 36th at dusk. As the sun sat and the street hookers and Johns prepared to infest the surrounding community, Bates and his volunteers erected a huge movie screen. On that screen appeared the police mug shots of men who have been convicted of prostitution related crimes.

Bates says the goal is to bring the message and a warning directly to the offenders themselves.

"These men convince themselves that nobody notices what they are up to and that prostitution has no victims," said Bates. "This project dispels those myths and reminds the Johns that what they are doing is abuse and it could cost them their job, their reputation, alot of money and their marriage."

Bates says that each night he was approached by at least a dozen citizens that simply wanted to shake his hand and voice their support.

Bates says he hired armed security for the last Mug Shot Movie Night, but has yet to feel he or his volunteers safety is at risk.

"Criminals don't like the spotlight, they are like roaches and they run when you shine it on them," said Bates.

Bates says they will continue this project one to three times each month.

Additional Information:

  1. KFOR News Channel 4's coverage.
  2. KWTV News Channel 9's coverage.
  3. FOX News (cable)
  4. KOKH News Channel 25 (video not available at this time).

National News: Fort Worth Launches 'John TV' in Prostitution Battle

10/16/07 -- Fort Worth, TX - Public humiliation by means of television has become a new form of punishment for anyone arrested for selling or buying sex in Fort Worth.

In response to community-voiced criticism over area prostitution, "JohnTV" launched Tuesday.

(read more - external link)

National News: Corpus Christi Police Department Now Posting Prostitution Offenders

10/16/07 -- Corpus Christi, TX - The Corpus Christi Police Department on Monday began posting photographs online of people arrested on prostitution and public indecency offenses.

(Read more - external link)

National News: Four Conspirators Sentenced in Scheme to Traffic Hundreds of Women for Prostitution

10/16/07 -- (Media-Newswire.com) - Greenbelt, Maryland - U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. sentenced four Maryland defendants this week in connection with a scheme to transport across state lines hundreds of prostitutes to Montgomery and Prince George's counties, announced United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein. (click here to read more - external link)

National News: Four Conspirators Sentenced in Scheme to Traffic Hundreds of Women for Prostitution

10/16/07 -- (Media-Newswire.com) - Greenbelt, Maryland - U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. sentenced four Maryland defendants this week in connection with a scheme to transport across state lines hundreds of prostitutes to Montgomery and Prince George's counties, announced United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein. (click here to read more - external link)

Taking It To The Streets; 'Mug Shot Movie Night' targets offenders: OKC police refuse to provide security

10/11/07 -- OKC, OK - As reported by local news, last weekend marked JohnTV.com's first of several planned 'Mug Shot Movie Nights' on South Robinson Ave. in South OKC.

The act of publicly shaming those accused and/or convicted of soliciting prostitution is nothing new. Many municipalities display mug shots of 'Johns' on city websites and/or public access television stations. Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of JohnTV.com, says he is taking the idea a unique step forward.

"The inherit problem with traditional John TV is that the public has to come to you to be exposed to the message," said Bates. "My idea is simple, I'm bringing the message to the Johns."

Last weekend, Bates and a handful of South Robinson business and property owners, gathered at the corner of SW 36th street for a premiere of sorts.

In a vacant commercial lot, Bates and other volunteers setup a 12' inflatable movie screen and video projector. As the sun sat and the street prostitutes began to gather, the images and names of convicted 'Johns' were displayed for all to see. So big were the images in fact, that they could easily been seen over three blocks away.

Bates says the idea is to remind the 'Johns' cruising the area that their actions do not go unnoticed. "Street prostitution is not victimless," said Bates. "The families and businesses in this community are victims, the children exposed to the hookers, drugs and used condoms are victims, and the women forced to sell themselves are victims too."

Bates' acknowledgement that the prostitutes are often victims of abuse and addiction is why he is refusing to display the mug shots of arrested prostitutes.

"These women degrade themselves every time they step into a car, the last thing I want to do is degrade them further," said Bates.

Bates is no stranger to confronting street prostitution head on.

Bates' anti-street prostitution video activism began in 1996 and often puts him face-to-face with pimps, prostitutes and their Johns.

Bates says this latest effort is as risky as it gets. He also said that an Oklahoma City Police representative told him OCPD has no interest in insuring his or other volunteers safety.

Bates said that after last weekend, he realized that there was a potential for a violent confrontation with either a pimp, prostitute, John or other criminals in the area.

"Police, on patrol, were very friendly and stopped by and checked on things from time-to-time," said Bates. However, Bates said he was reminded that police resources are stretched very thin in that area and that police could not guarantee Bates' or the other supporters safety, or how quickly police could respond if there was trouble.

Bates said he was urged to and did contact Oklahoma City police to inquire into hiring an off-duty officer to provide security for the next event.

Bates says that police acknowledged that uniformed officers often work off-duty hours providing security for businesses and events for about $25 an hour.

However, Bates said an officer with the Operations Division told him, in a recorded phone call, "I doubt any Oklahoma City police officer would be interested in providing you with security."

The officer went on to tell Bates that "no Oklahoma City police officer is going to work with you for less than say $100 and hour."

Bates says he's not surprised with the reaction from police, but that his request was out of a safety concern for community members who were present last weekend.

"We had a former city councilwoman that is elderly, a pastor in the neighborhood and several parents with their children," said Bates.

"I would hate for anything to happen to any individual who is simply trying to improve their community, especially after we made our concerns known to police," said Bates.

Bates says he has had requests from property owners in other parts of the city plagued with street prostitution.

Bates hopes to continue his "Mug Shot Movie Nights" monthly throughout the city.

National News: Dayton Proposes New Prostitution Crackdown Law

10/9/07 -- Dayton, OH - A proposed city ordinance would designate parts of Dayton as "No Prostitution Zones." Although prostitution is illegal throughout the city, officials say it can be difficult to make arrests because Ohio law specifies police must catch the person in the act. City officials say the zones would give police a way to get prostitutes off the street before they interact with customers.

(Read entire article here - external link)

'American Pimp' on YouTube

10/9/07 -- The 1999 documentary of the 'American Pimp' has been posted in a 9-part series on YouTube.

Even though it has been up for about 10-months, you'd better watch it now before it gets pulled for copyright infringement.

Hosted here.

Int'l News: Uganda: Child Prostitution On the Rise, Says Kinobe

10/9/07 -- Uganda, E. Africa - CHILDREN are increasingly being exploited for commercial sex, the minister of youth and children's affairs has said.

(click here to read entire story - external link)

Nat'l News: Dallas Prostitutes Offered Help Instead of a Sentence

Dallas officers take a new approach - treating the women like victims, not criminals

10/9/07 -- Dallas, TX (As reported in the Dallas Morning News 10/9/07) - ...Police are teaming up with social service providers to combat rampant prostitution at four truck stops along the Interstate 20 corridor. Launched this month, the initiative gives female offenders a choice between the usual criminal penalties or a probationary community service and rehabilitation program suited to their needs... (click here to read entire story - external link)

Police Arrest 8 Overnight for Prostitution Related Offenses

10/9/07 -- OKC, OK - According to the Oklahoma County Jail blotter, the following individuals were arrested overnight on prostitution related charges;

  1. Joel Lamar Timmons, DOB 9/23/72, black male, charged with offering to engage.
  2. Trisha D, Terry, DOB 6/10/74, white female, charged with offering to engage and possession of drug paraphernalia.
  3. Leslie A. Steer, DOB 3/16/71, Indian female, charged with offering to engage.
  4. Mary J. Rhamy, DOB 5/26/57, white female, charge with offering to engage.
  5. Cynthia Y. Murray, DOB 9/23/70, white female, charged with offering to engage.
  6. Cynthia Gosney, DOB 1/5/60, white female, charged with offering to engage.
  7. Tammy A. Cross, DOB 6/19/70, white female, charged with offering to engage.
  8. Jeri Remington, DOB 12/31/64, white female, charged with trespassing, possession of CDS and no driver's license.

Nat'l News: Sex trade sullies sections of city

10/9/07 -- Columbus, OH - Columbus Dispatch (10/7/07 by John Futty)

...Warner, a 68-year-old retiree, scoffs at those who consider prostitution a victimless crime.

"I'm a victim. My wife's a victim. Everybody in the neighborhood is a victim," he said. "My wife doesn't want to take walks anymore. We want to stay here. We want to live here. But it gets more difficult every day."

Law-enforcement officials said the prostitutes' customers are among those who seem most ignorant of the effect that street prostitution has on those who live, work and own property in a neighborhood.

"The johns are in complete denial," Ackley said. "I'd challenge any of them to let these girls work in front of their houses."... (read entire article, external link)

Meth Mom Pleads Guilty to Murdering Her Unborn Child; Oklahomans and DA Prater Pay Tribute to Victims of Child Abuse

9/21/07 -- OKC, OK - An Oklahoma City woman accused of killing her unborn child, as a result of her meth addiction, has pled guilty to a reduced charge of murder in the 2nd degree.

The mother, 30-year old Theresa Lee Hernandez has been incarcerated in the Oklahoma County jail since September of 2004.

According to an article today from the Daily Oklahoman and court records, Hernandez now faces from 10-years to life.

JohnTV.com first reported on this case June 26.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has taken a lot of heat from several women's groups for his decision to prosecute Hernandez.

We here at JohnTV.com openly supported Prater's stance that justice for the unborn child was paramount.

Hernandez's guilty plea should now end the debate on whether or not she and her drug addiction killed her child.

In a separate story, publish by the Daily Oklahoman, DA Prater recognized the innocent victims of child abuse when he addressed a group outside the state capitol yesterday.

The day marked the first annual Healing Field event; an event to focus attention on children across the country that have died as a direct result of child abuse.

Organizers placed 1,400 American flags in the media near the capitol.

Prater reportedly told the crowd, "What I see are not flags, but dead children's bodies... We should not rest until we can turn around and not see one flag.”

Due to child abuse being such a key factor in women lost to street prostitution, JohnTV.com routinely covers stories on this topic.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did South Robinson Drug Dealer Bluff Cops During Arrest?

9/19/07 -- OKC, OK - A man is arrested for drug possession in a known dope bar in South Oklahoma City, he told police he didn't work there, JohnTV.com knows better.

Around 2am on September 11, two Oklahoma City police officers conducted a "bar check" at a tavern located at 3501 S. Robinson Ave.

The bar at this location is well-known for cocaine trafficking. Street prostitutes are also often seen coming and going from the rear entrance.

Though legally the bar should have been closed at 2am, the officers found at least one man inside.

The man identified himself as Jesus Morales Perez, 40. According to the official police report, Perez claimed he was "not an employee of the bar and said he works construction."

Police detained Perez under a city ordinance that forbids non-employees from "remaining in a tavern after closing hours."

While searching Perez, police found "a white plastic baggie containing a white powder that later field tested positive for powder cocaine."

Perez was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on charges of possession of a CDS and city charges for being in the bar after hours.

In reality, Perez is known by the street name "Chewy" and is the proprietor of the tavern.

For some time now, street prostitutes have reported to JohnTV.com that Perez conducts his drug transactions in the restrooms - selling cocaine to the hookers, who in turn hide it inside their vagina as they leave the bar and sell the drugs to their customers.

Perez was released from jail after posting bond.

In recent months, Perez hired convicted murderer and pimp Thomas "Tommy" Wornick, 41, to act as a police lookout and 'muscle' for the tavern.

Wornick can be found most days loitering outside the bar, on the watch for police.

JohnTV.com has tried numerous ways to get this dope bar closed down over the years - calling police, reporting the bar to the health department for no running water or garbage collection, no liquor license, etc.

JohnTV.com will continue to follow this case.

You're Busted Buddy! Street Prostitute and 'John' Busted Near School Kids

9/17/07 -- OKC, OK - A young street prostitute and her customer are caught on tape engaging in lewdness near school kids out for a jog.

This afternoon, JohnTV.com's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates, caught what has to be one of the most shocking and disturbing acts of prostitution near children in his 10-plus years on the street.

Around noon, Bates witnessed a young female prostituting on South Robinson Ave. She was soon picked up by a young Hispanic male.

The two drove directly to a business, located next to a church and surrounded by homes near SW 46th and South Shields. More disturbing though was the large number of teenage girls jogging in the area from a nearby high school.

Bates tells JohnTV.com that the 'John' seemed to intentionally park where he could see the young school girls and they could potentially see him engaged in sex.

The hooker twice got out of the car and removed articles of clothing before she and her 'John' began to engage in sexual intercourse.

Bates called 911 and then approached the car to get the video evidence needed to ensure a conviction.

After being confronted, the two quickly left the area.

Bates tells JohnTV.com that he will be turning the video over to police within the next 24-hours.

This is the second prostitution related lewd act Bates has caught on this property in recent years.

In the first case, the prostitute and 'John' were both charged with a felony lewd act.

JohnTV.com will update this story in the near future.

See KFOR News Channel 4's report on this incident.

JohnTV.com Has Plans For Some PDA; Can You Help?

9/16/07 -- OKC, OK - JohnTV.com is looking for a little P.D.A and wants to know if you can make sure it happens.

No, the P.D.A. we are speaking of is not a Public Display of Affection, but instead Public Displays of Arrests.

While JohnTV.com has been bringing the identities of men who solicit prostitution to our Internet fans for years, we thought it would be a great idea to bring JohnTV to the "Johns" themselves.

What we have in mind is to display the mug shots of men who have been arrested for street prostitution related crimes - and what better place to display these mug shots than South Robinson Ave.?

The idea is to purchase a video projector and an inflatable movie screen. On randomly selected nights, the inflatable screen would be setup in high street prostitution areas. JohnTV.com will project the mug shots of accused "Johns" on the screen to be seen by passing "Johns" and the prostitutes themselves.

This project will get the attention of potential "Johns" in targeted areas and will hopefully dissuade them from participating in street prostitution.

Families living in these areas would also see that their street prostitution problems have not been forgotten and that JohnTV is committed to keeping the city's attention on this very important issue.

Several members of the community have already agreed to help man these P.D.A's and to hand out information to local residents.

Information would consist of a newsletter and important information on what the city is and is not doing to curb area street prostitution.

All we need to make this a reality is your financial support.

The cost for the inflatable screen and projector is $800.

JohnTV.com and Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of this site, have already kicked in the first $250, the DVD of mug shots and the cost to print any and all materials handed out - that leaves only $550 to go!

This is your chance to become a part of the solution and have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make our efforts possible.

Click on the donation button below to donate to our PayPal account. You can use a credit card or bank account. No donation is too large or small.

JohnTV.com hopes to be able to start our P.D.A. program within the month.

You can also send your donation payable to;

Brian Bates

1205 South Air Depot #164

Midwest City, OK 73110

As a thank you, donors will recieve an autographed 8x10 photo of the screen and projector in use on South Robinson and the satisfaction of making a difference in a way only JohnTV.com and the Video Vigilante can.

Note: JohnTV.com is NOT a 501 (c) 3, so your contribution is NOT tax deductable.

STATUS: Goal $800 - Currently Raised $800

Thank you for your support!.

OKC Council Proposes Seizing Property Used for Prostitution

9/14/07 -- OKC, OK - If you are allowing your property to be utilized for drugs or prostitution activities, the Oklahoma City Council may soon pass an ordinance that would allow the city to seize your property - and it doesn't stop there.

According to the proposal, vehicles used in drive-by shootings could be seized also.

On Tuesday, a motion was introduced (VI EE) by Ward 6 Councilwoman Ann Simank, and seconded by Ward 7 Councilwoman Willa Johnson, to enhance the city's existing nuisances laws to allow for seizer of personal property.

According to an article in the Daily Oklahoman, 'once police identify frequent drug or prostitution problems at a particular property, a letter will be mailed to the owner letting them know the property is under a police investigation.'

The city will reportedly try and work with individuals that show an interest in riding their property of the criminal element. However, noncompliance could result in costly court actions against the owner or even seizer of the property.

The Oklahoma City Council will vote on the proposal September 25.

Video Vigilante Tapes Montel Williams Appearance

9/12/07 -- OKC, OK - JohnTV.com's own Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante makes an appearance on the Montel Williams talk show.

As reported earlier, Bates has renewed his media appearances in an effort to once again focus the spotlight on the issue of prostitution and video activism. To kick off a schedule of several planned media appearances, Bates just yesterday taped an appearance on Montel Williams in New York City. Montel is celebrating his 17th year on the air.

Bates' appearance will be featured in an upcoming episode.

When a date for the show is confirmed you will read it first here, on JohnTV.com.

Bates tells JohnTV he has several other high profile talk and news show appearances planned and is even working with producers on two documentaries.

National News: Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections - Book Review

9/9/07 -- Guardian Book Review - 'It's like you sign a contract to be raped.'... If you believe their PR, Nevada's legal brothels are safe, healthy - even fun - places in which to work. So why do so many prostitutes tell such horrific tales of abuse? Julie Bindel reports.

A new book - Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections - makes interesting reading. During a two-year investigation, the author, Melissa Farley, visited eight legal brothels in Nevada, interviewing 45 women and a number of brothel owners. Far from enjoying better conditions than those who work illegally, the prostitutes she spoke to are often subject to slave-like conditions.

(Read more - external link)

International News; Canada Launches 'Report-A-John'

9/9/07 -- Edmonton, AB, Canada - An Edmonton innovation to help rid streets of prostitution has spread to Ontario.

London city Coun. Stephen Orser is proposing his city adopt a Report-a-John program, similar to the one that already exists in parts of Edmonton.

In areas where Report-a-John signs are located, people can anonymously report prostitution transactions when they see them.

Roadside signs, which state, "This community does not tolerate prostitution," display a phone number for people to call and report the licence plate of an alleged john.

(read more - external link)

Video Vigilante Interviewed on Canadian Radio; Talk Show Appearances to Return

9/9/07 -- OKC, OK - Last week JohnTV.com's own Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante was interviewed on Canadian radio and finalized a new television talk show appearance.

Bates was a guest last Friday afternoon on the CBC radio program "Up to Speed."

Bates was asked to address the Canadian audience to discuss Canada's street prostitution problems, recent string of prostitute murders and Bates' efforts to positively impact street prostitution issues in Oklahoma City.

Also last week, Bates was interviewed about the city of Everett Washington's plans to initiate their own version of JohnTV to publicly shame prostitution offenders.

JohnTV.com is also pleased to announce that after an almost three year hiatus Bates is resuming his wildly popular television talk show appearances.

While Bates tells JohnTV.com that he cannot disclose the names of the shows he will be appearing on until after each episode is taped, he did say he would be taping his first appearance in the next week.

In the past, Bates has appeared numerous times as an exclusive guest for the Maury Povich Show and has also appeared on the Sally Jesse Show, several CourtTV programs, the TODAY Show and was even invited to discuss child prostitution on the Dr. Phil Show.

Look to JohnTV.com for updates in the future.

Call From Video Vigilante Results in Arrest of Robinson Drug Dealer

9/7/07 -- OKC, OK - A previously convicted felon wanted on drug dealing charges is taken into custody after JohnTV.com's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates, places a call to police.

A felony arrest warrant for John Lavon Morris, 39, was issued August 16. Yesterday afternoon, Bates saw Morris - who goes by the street name 'Meat Head' - loitering near SW 15th and South Robinson Ave.

A member of JohnTV.com had previously notified Bates of Morris' wanted status.

Bates called 911 and told police where Morris could be found. Within minutes, three Oklahoma City Police units were on the scene and Morris was taken into custody without incident.

Morris' arrest and OCPD's swift response was captured on video (see all JohnTV.com videos here).

Morris is currently being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a $10,000 bond.

Morris was recently arrested for allegedly breaking into a wheelchair bound woman's apartment and stealing her medication. The victim of the robbery has since died.

JohnTV.com encourages citizens to stay informed of the criminal element in their community and call police.

Nat'l News Watch: Everett WA to Host JohnTV of Their Own?

9/4/07 -- Everett, WA - The city of Everett, Washington is the latest to consider the idea of publicly shaming those charged with prostitution related crimes.

According to an article published today in the Daily Herald, the idea is being proposed by City Councilman Ron Gipson.

Gipson's plan would call for utilizing the city's public access television station and the Internet to publish the mug shots of convicted "Johns."

Gipson is quoted as saying it's time to shame people with what he called a "modern scarlet letter."

Gipson, a correctional officer at the Denney Juvenile Justice Center, is up for re-election.

A city spokesperson told the Herald that the issue would be discussed at a yet-to-be scheduled council subcommittee meeting.

The Herald also contacted and quoted JohnTV.com's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates in their article. Though the article incorrectly identified Bates as a Kansas City resident, the article did quote Bates as saying "similar efforts from cities usually start with politicians or police administrators responding to public outcry. Some make a splash and have a positive result in the short run, but often fizzle out after a year or two..."

Bates was also interviewed this afternoon on KOMO 1000 out of Washington.

In case you are wondering, police in Everett report arresting a whopping 34 people for prostitution in 2006.

Convicted "John" Charged with Child Abuse and Murder

9/4/07 -- OKC, OK - A man previously featured on JohnTV.com for soliciting an undercover officer for prostitution has been charged with child abuse and murder.

Kerry Joe Smith, 21, (see photo above left) was charged August 30 with five felonies related to sexual abuse of two children and the murder of one.

In an article published August 31 in the Oklahoman, Smith has allegedly confessed to the abuse and molestation of his pregnant girlfriend's two children - 23-months and 9-months old.

The abuse came to light when Smith took the lifeless body 23-month old Olivia Scroggins to the St. Anthony hospital emergency room.

Smith fled when he saw a police officer in the area.

Smith and Olivia's mother, Wendy Scroggins, 22, were later arrested at their apartment in the 3300 block of North McKinley in Oklahoma City.

Scroggins is facing felony charges for knowingly allowing the abuse of her two children.

Published reports indicate Olivia died as a result of a physical beating and showed signs of sexual abuse.

Smith was most recently convicted of burglary and making a false declaration of ownership to a pawn shop in February.

Smith appeared on JohnTV.com after he was arrested and subsequently pled guilty to solicitation of prostitution in 2005.

In that case, Smith reportedly approached two police confidential informants near SE 48th and S. Shields Blvd. and offered them each $60 for sexual intercourse. Smith was wanted on outstanding arrest warrants when he was caught in the police sting.

In June of 2005, Smith pled guilty to the prostitution offense and was sentenced to 1-year suspended, no fine and 80-hours of community service.

In 2004, Smith pled guilty to violating a Victim's Protective Order and malicious injury and destruction.

Four New Videos Published on YouTube

8/24/07 -- OKC, OK - In an ongoing effort to continue to expose the public to the graphic realities of street prostitution, JohnTV.com has recently published the following four videos to YouTube.com;

  1. Old Man Picks Up Hooker with Kids - This video depicts the cruel reality of prostitute mothers and their worthless pimps. In this video, a street prostitute works a neighborhood park as her pimp takes it easy, sitting in his car as their own children play nearby. See what happens when Video Vigilante Brian Bates confronts the hooker and her "John." *Since this video was published on YouTube, it has received an honor for "top rated" in YouTube's "news and politics" section.
  2. Street Hooker Drops Her Pants and Grabs a Whip - This video shows the extent some hookers will go to attract the attention of potential "Johns." In this video a 17-year old runaway changes clothes on a busy corner. Later, her pimp has her put on a dog collar and leash.
  3. Pimp and Drug Dealer Taken off the Streets in OKC - A local drug, dealer, pimp and all around scumbag is taken off the streets and put behind bars for his crimes. See his arrest through the lens of the Video Vigilante.
  4. Prostitute Threatens Video Vigilante (revised) - Originally, this video (and several more like it) showed the alleged illegal activities of some of South Robinson's most notorious prostitutes and pimps. But, thanks to Kingfisher prosecutor Bryan Slabotsky, several of those prostitutes are now being granted state sponsored protection from their crimes being publicized. For the next year, JohnTV.com must remove or re-edit the videos containing three specific prostitute felons and a felon pimp. This video is our response to that court order. *Since this video was published on YouTube, it has received three honors for "most discussed" (x2) and "top rated."

You can see all of the Video Vigilante's videos here.

Prostitute Prisoner and Author to be Featured in Rodeo Documentary

8/20/07 -- OKC, OK - Jamie Brooks probably had dreams of what her future would hold, but none of them probably included being a published author, participating in a rodeo and a documentary film, prostitution, or serving time in an Oklahoma prison for murder. But, at only 17-years-old a set of unfortunate circumstances set the stage for all five.

Brooks, 30, was only a teen when she was convicted of shooting a man to death that she alleges was a "John."

While serving her 16-year prison sentence, Brooks authored "The Battle Within," a graphic retelling of the physical, sexual and mental abuse that led up to her becoming a prostitute and convicted murderer (see info, top right).

While serving time at the Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Taft, Oklahoma, Brooks was a participant in this years "Behind the Walls" prison rodeo.

Billed as America's largest prison rodeo, the annual event, held in McAlester, began in 1940.

Brooks and another female prisoner participating in the rodeo are to be featured in a documentary entitled, "Behind the Walls Rodeo."

The documentary is being created by local independent film director Bradley Beesley and producer Amy Dotson.

According to an article published in the Daily Oklahoman, "The documentary team will bring 11 camera crews and a helicopter to the rodeo to shoot from many angles. The production is being funded completely by tax-deductible donations to the nonprofit sponsor. For more information on donating, e-mail BradleyBeesley@Mac.com."

Prostitute Mug Shots to Be Removed from JohnTV.com

8/20/07 -- OKC, OK - In the coming days, JohnTV.com is going to be instituting a policy of limiting the publication of mug shots.

In particular, JohnTV.com will be removing links to mug shots of women arrested and/or convicted of prostitution from our 'arrested, court watch, and convicted' areas of this site. However, JohnTV.com will not be removing links to mug shots of arrested and/or convicted 'Johns,' pimps and panderers.

"This decision was made after several conversations with women who either are involved in prostitution or were in the past, community leaders and other knowledgeable parties," said Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of JohnTV.com.

Bates reports that after these conversations, "JohnTV.com has come to the conclusion that these mug shots, though a public record, have the potential to do more harm than good for the community and the prostitutes themselves."

"Removing the mug shots of street prostitutes is more in line with the ideology that these women are more often than not victims, and prostitution is just a symptom of their victimization," said Bates. "Additionally, JohnTV.com takes no stance against women who are engaged in unorganized, consentual and 100% private prostitution."

Bates says that he has reason to believe that some men may use a suspected prostitutes mug shot and published identity to seek her out and subject her to further abuse and/or harrassment.

Bates says that some police officers he has spoken to also fear the mug shots may help 'Johns' to identify real street prostitutes from undercover police officers.

Bates says that he will continue to publish the mug shots of men arrested for engaging in the solicitation, trafficking, aiding and/or pimping of others.\

"These 'Johns' and pimps are not victims like those they prey on," said Bates. "Anyone who would profit from selling another human being or partake in purchasing sexual services from someone so down and out deserves to be publicly exposed."

Bates says that in some unique cases a mug shot of a suspected prostitute may still appear in the news or 'case files' section of JohnTV.com.

Bates said that JohnTV.com will continue to videotape suspected prostitution activities and publish those videos on the Internet without concealing the identities of either the prostitute or 'John.'

Prosecutor and Video Vigilante Reach Plea Agreement

As released by Bates' attorney, Scott Adams;

8/15/07 -- OKC, OK - Today marks the end of an over two-year nightmare for my client, Mr. Bates, and his family.

While Mr. Bates has always maintained his innocence regarding the original charges against him, in an effort to move on with his life, he has agreed to plead to a single misdemeanor charge.

That charge is a single count of obstruction of a police officer, for not turning over a video tape to police for consideration for prosecution.

Mr. Bates' plea agreement brings this case to a close.

Mr. Bates wishes to thank his supporters for standing behind him and his family during this entire process.


Additional Resources:

  1. Judgment and Sentence and Summary of Facts (.pdf)

So, what does this all mean? (by Brian Bates)

First and foremost it means that the single felony charge against my wife, Vickie, was dropped on the merits of the case. Meaning that the state acknowledged that there was no basis for the charges against her and the dismissal is not part of my plea agreement and that Vickie's records will be expunged in the very near future.

Secondly, while the state initially accused me of wrong-doing by alleging I paid prostitutes to lure clients to where they could be videotaped - ultimately the prosecutor abandoned that stance.

In the end it was agreed that I would plead guilty to a single misdemeanor count of "obstruction of public officer."

The obstruction charge is based on my not turning in a video tape of an alleged act of prostitution so that police could pursue charges.

Here's the irony of the plea agreement - Neither I nor my attorney asked for a plea. A plea was offered by the prosecution - and not just any plea. Literally, the prosecution offered to drop all 8 felony charges (200+ years in prison if convicted) if I would plead to a misdemeanor.... any misdemeanor!

Seriously folks, I had to pick my own crime to plead to!

The prosecutor has no idea what video was not turned over to police or what it contained. And he obviously didn't care. Yet, he reportedly told the media he felt "justice was served."

This would be like a police officer arresting someone off the street and then demanding they tell him what they did wrong.

Regardless, I felt I would be a fool not to take an offer to pick my own misdemeanor deferred plea in exchange for all the other charges being dismissed. This in essence stops the financial and mental drain on me and my family and allows me to explore other opportunities that have been presented as a result of the media attention this case has brought to my activism.

As for my deferred sentence; not a single limitation on my video activism was placed on me. As you can read in the public document, or in the excerpt below, the only stipulations are ones that protect the identity and/or criminal activity of the state's witnesses; which begs the question - Whose interests were being served in this case, resolution and stipulations - the citizens of Oklahoma or those public servants who wish to silence Bates and his criticisms?

"1 year deferred sent[ence] unsupervised. [Defendant] will remove any reference and videos [one, two, three, four, five] to any endorsed [state's] witnesses and [omitted] by name from his Internet Web sites. [Defendant] will use his best efforts to remove from YouTube the above described people. All parties will use best efforts not to initiate contact with each other. However, in [defendant's] activism, if endorsed witness is committing any offense he may document suspected criminal activity. If any endorsed witness or [omitted] makes any public statement, Mr. Bates may respond. Mr. Bates agree[s] not to republish or otherwise refer to above [witnesses] by name otherwise..."

I have agreed to comply with the above terms within the next 10-days (8/24/07).

In the end, the state of Oklahoma wasted thousands of your tax dollars pursuing what can only be defined as less than a traffic ticket.

Three S. Robinson Nuisances Taken Off the Streets by Police

8/6/07 -- OKC, OK - Last week police arrested three individuals with ties to South Robinson Ave. and street prostitution.

According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, police arrested Susan Lynn Aughenbaugh, 36, Brandy Dawn Dewitt, 26, and Christopher Roach (.pdf), 36 during three separate police encounters..

Aughenbaugh, a known street prostitute, was arrested on a complaint of drug trafficking last Wednesday. She is being held pending posting of a $25,000 bond.

Dewitt, also a known street prostitute and alcoholic, was arrested Wednesday on complaints of failure to appear, public drunk and assault and battery upon a city official. She is currently being held on a hold for Oklahoma City.

Roach, an all around nuisance and wannabe pimp, was arrested late Tuesday night on an outstanding warrant for revocation, fugitive from justice, driving without a license and parking violations.

Roach can often be found prostituting his woman (because he's too lazy to get a job) on South Robinson Ave. in OKC.

The arrests of these three is more proof that zero tolerance on South Robinson is working to improve the quality of life for the hardworking families in the area.

Alleged Prostitute Murderer Set for Trial in Okla. County

7/29/07 -- OKC, OK - An Oklahoma City man accused of murdering and then setting on fire an alleged prostitute has been bound over for jury trial.

Ronald Wayne Windham, 35, is accused of the December 5, 2005 murder of Del City resident Jennifer Sipes, 29 (see photo left).

Sipes' body was found by firemen fighting a grass fire in Edmond (8000 block of Redhawk Lane). Dental records were used to positively identify Sipes nearly 8 months later.

According to the Team Amber Alert Web site, Sipes was last seen Nov. 24, 2005 walking near Scott Street and Tinker Diagonal in Del City.

Prosecutors allege that Windham (see photo left) confessed to the murder of Sipes to Norman police on November 27, 2006, saying “he needed to get something off his chest.”

Allegedly, Windham outlined Sipes' final moments as follows;

On November 24, 2005 (the day before Thanksgiving) Windham picked up a prostitute going by the name "Bambi" (later identified as Sipes) and took her to his apartment on South Lee in Oklahoma City.

Windham became angry after his car stereo was stolen, and blamed Sipes.

Sipes returned to Windham's apartment in December.

Windham, still upset over his stolen stereo, hit Sipes three times with a baseball bat. Windham then used a knife to "chop into her head and then slashed her throat."

Windham then wrapped Sipes' body in a sheet and placed it in a plastic tub.

Windham then drove to a "residential area being built in Edmond."

There, Windham covered the body with brush, poured 5 gallons of gasoline on it and set Sipes' body on fire.

Windham was formally charged December 14, 2006 in Oklahoma County.

At Windham's preliminary hearing, held July 10 2007, Norman police officer Mark McCain testified that Windham expressed relief “that she could rest in peace so that he could rest in peace.”

At the conclusion of Windham's preliminary hearing, Oklahoma County Special Judge Fred Doak said there was sufficient reason to hold Windham on charges of first-degree murder, third-degree arson and removal of a human body.

Formal arraignment has been set for Aug. 31.

Windham is currently being held in the Oklahoma County jail.

Windham also has active criminal cases in Oklahoma County for domestic assault and battery (11/3/06) and obtaining money under false pretenses (11/9/06).

Editorial Note: JohnTV.com recently received correspondence from a person identifying himself as Tommy Sipes, the father of Jennifer Sipes. In that correspondence Mr. Sipes was adamant that his daughter has never engaged in any form of prostitution. Mr. Sipes points out that Jennifer has no record of ever being arrested for prostitution.

The allegation of prostitution on the part of Jennifer has been alleged by her murderer.

The exact number of Oklahoma women that have been murdered as a direct or indirect result of their prostitution activities is unknown. What is certain is that the list in long and so far unappreciated by the media, and therefore by the community as well. JohnTV.com is currently researching the deaths of several street prostitutes in and around Oklahoma City. If you know of a woman who was killed as a result of prostitution and feel her story needs to be told, please contact us immediately.

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  1. Follow the case on JohnTV.com here.
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  4. Missing woman identified (8/16/06)

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