Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Man Robbed in Norman Hotel May Have Some Explaining to Do

4/24/07 -- Norman, OK - An Independence MO. man is reportedly robbed of his money, personal items and his vehicle while staying at a Norman hotel. Court records shed light on and cast questions of the facts around the case - begging the question - Was the victim rolled by a hooker he had hired? The story was originally reported by the Norman Transcript and other media outlets as a simple robbery after the victim, James Sprake, allegedly answered a knock to his hotel room door. The robbery occurred in the early morning hours of March 22nd. Sprake told police that three people entered his room and robbed him at gun point. The three then drove away in Sprake's 2003 Lincoln Navigator. The alleged robbers were described as two males and a teenage female. While media reports would have you believe Sprake was the victim of an anonymous robbery, recently released court records show an interesting 'relationship' between Sprake and at least one of his robbers. All three alleged robbers have been identified as Ashley Dawn Loftis, 18, Zachary Ryan Suter (Yukon, OK), 31, Steven Alexis Sanchez (Moore, OK), 21. According to the probable cause affidavit, "Between the 19th and 22nd days of March 2007, James Sprake (victim) had an agreement with an Ashley Dawn Loftis - for her to 'be his girlfriend and hang out together' for an undetermined period of time, with the possibility of Loftis accompanying Sprake to his final destination in New Mexico." The report goes on to state that Sprake "provided a lot of cash to Loftis" and that they visited several Oklahoma casinos. The report also details that Sprake was introduced to Suter and Sanchez by Loftis, as friends. On the morning of March 22nd, Loftis left Sprake and had Suter and Sanchez pick her up at the Super 8 Motel, where she and Sprake had been staying and return her to Oklahoma City. Sprake, along with Suter and Sanchez, allegedly plotted to return to the Norman area. There Loftis would contact Sprake and tell him she had decided to go with him to New Mexico and could she come over. Sprake agreed, and at about 8:00 a.m. Loftis returned to Sprake's room with Suter and Sanchez in tow. When Sprake opened the door the trio walked in. According to police, once inside the room, "Loftis advises Sprake that he 'owes her' and demands the keys to his vehicle as well as cash." At that point, Sanchez allegedly produces a handgun. Sprake gives up his cash, car keys, cell phone and a briefcase. To delay Sprake from calling the police, one of the robbers removes the hotel room phone handset and placed it into the briefcase as they left. The next day Loftis and Sanchez are arrested. On April 18th all three were charged with felony crimes. Loftis was charged with felony conspiracy to commit a robbery with a firearm, robbery with a firearm and larceny of a vehicle. Bond has been set at $25,000. Sanchez was charged with felony conspiracy to commit a robbery with a firearm, robbery with a firearm and possession of a firearm. Bond has been set at $25,000. Suter was charged with felony conspiracy to commit a robbery with a firearm and robbery with a firearm. Bond has been set at $50,000.

Friday, April 20, 2007

OKC Police Officer Accused of Flashing More than His Badge

4/20/07 -- OKC, OK - The Daily Oklahoman reported today that an Oklahoma City police officer is being investigated for allegedly sending a picture of his penis to a female officer's cell phone (no mention if he had to use a zoom lens). According to the Oklahoman, an unnamed officer has been placed on PAID administrative leave after a female officer complained about receiving an unsolicited picture of the man's penis. Police Captain Steve McCool refused to release the officer's name, age, or length of........ service (gotcha). The female officer said she received the lewd photo on April 5th at 10:15 a.m. The victim then forwarded the picture to a witness and stated she wanted the officer prosecuted (for assault with a friendly weapon most likely). McCool did reveal that they do not believe this is an isolated incident and are investigating other similar complaints against this same officer. "Upon completion of that investigation, we will of course present the case to the district attorney to see if charges will be filed in this matter,” McCool said. This brings up an interesting question. Will newly elected Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater dare file charges against an OCPD officer and risk retaliation from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) come re-election time? Remember, it was the FOP that refused to endorse former D.A. Wes Lane because he filed a single criminal complaint against a police officer for an alleged assault caught on security camera at the county jail. This, even though D.A. Lane pointed out to the FOP that he had only filed charges against one police officer, yet his office had received criminal complaints against as many as 60 officers. One of the more notable quotes from D.A. Lanes ill-fought re-election campaign was when he addressed the FOP and stated, "What kind of crack would I have to be smoking to file a case on an Oklahoma City police officer at a time in which I am seeking the endorsement of the FOP?"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eight Arrested for Prostitution; Vice Lies to Media

7/25/06 (edited 4/15/07) -- Oklahoma County - Undercover vice sting last July results in arrests in South Oklahoma City for prostitution related charges. Unfortunately, that success is tainted by lies told by Oklahoma City vice to the media covering the arrests. According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following were booked into jail;
  1. Krystal R. Cleghorn White female DOB: 9/25/83 Chickasaw, OK Charges: Trespassing on private property and failure to appear on a prostitution charge in Canadian County.
  2. Rhonda Lynn Crites (arrested as Rhonda Lynn Cole) White female DOB: 2/5/70 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  3. Johnny Nunez Garcia Mexican male DOB: 11/13/79 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  4. Tonya Marie Grummons White female DOB: 2/12/75 Drumright, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  5. Laura Marie Adair (arrested as Laura Marie Justus) White female DOB: 8/6/61 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage and fugitive from justice.
  6. Jason Glenn Kaufman White male DOB: 2/25/64 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  7. Jesus Magallans Mexican male DOB: 4/2/83 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  8. Lam Nguyen Asian male DOB: 9/25/59 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
JohnTV.com was in the area when the arrests went down on South Robinson Ave.

South Robinson Ave. has been the subject of numerous citizen complaints over the years.

Following Oklahoma City vice officers was local news station FOX25.

FOX25 interviewed several of the arrested prostitutes and Vice Lieutenant Doug Kimberlin.

During the interview, Lt. Kimberlin explained that his unit does more than simply arrest prostitutes. Kimberlin claimed that he puts the arrested prostitutes in touch with organizations that can help get them off the streets. Specifically, Lt. Kimberlin claimed they put them in touch with religious organizations and women's organizations. Kimberlin went so far as to say "we've done way more than eliminate the prostitution... we've hopefully given someone a better life."

We here at JohnTV.com knew better.

Within days of the sting, most of the women arrested were back on the street once again prostituting.

JohnTV.com's own Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, interviewed one of the arrested prostitutes and questioned her on Lt. kimberlin's claims.

Rhonda Crites, 37, confirmed what Bates already knew - Oklahoma City vice is more concerned out public appearance than actually addressing the problem.

Crites explained that none of Lt. Kimberlin's claims of aid, much less "a better life," were true.

See video below for the proof.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mike Gassaway 'Not Guilty!' - Jury Sends Message to Vice and Prosecution

4/11/07 -- OKC, OK - High profile and often controversial local defense attorney Mike Gassaway was found not guilty yesterday evening by a jury in Oklahoma County. Jury swayed by evidence of a set-up by Oklahoma City vice. Readers will recall that Gassaway was charged March 7, 2006 with the misdemeanor crime of soliciting prostitution from the girlfriend of a client in exchange for a reduction in legal fees. From the onset we here at JohnTV.com have stood firm that Gassaway was the victim of overzealous vice detectives and then Oklahoma County District Attorney Wes Lane. JohnTV.com was in the courtroom every minute as the evidence and arguments were presented by the prosecution and defense. Prosecutor Sandra Elliot asserted that Gassaway was guilty of soliciting prostitution when he agreed to exchange $300 in legal services for oral sex from the girlfriend of a client. Elliot proclaimed that two audio taped conversations between Gassaway and the female police informant would clearly prove Gassaway's guilty. The defense argued the tapes told a completely different story and proved Gassaway was targeted by Oklahoma City vice. Gassaway's attorney, Scott Adams (or as we like to call him 'Super-Fly Adams') admitted to the jury that his client may have done some immoral, unprofessional and disgusting things, but they did not rise to the level of being criminal. Only three witnesses were called to testify and their testimony is summarized as follows; Christina Davidson: Davidson testified that she had hired Gassaway to defend her boyfriend (Luther Blankenship) on his fourth felony DUI. Davidson testified that Gassaway had never acted inappropriate to her until the police became involved and she solicited him. Davidson testified that after hiring Gassaway she was detained by OHP and found to be in possession of cocaine, meth and drug paraphernalia. She told the police she had heard a rumor from a friend (Marquette) that Gassaway would trade sex for legal services. Police and prosecutors elected to not pursue felony drug charges against Davidson if she would aid them in getting Gassaway arrested for a single misdemeanor. Davidson also revealed that she did not trust the police and that she in fact secretly audio taped them when she met with them. That tape allegedly showed that the police and vice officers had a bias against Gassaway and had referred to him as a "scum bag, the anti-Christ, and a bad lawyer." Police allegedly went so far as to tell Davidson she would be their "hero" if she could help them get Gassaway. Davidson testified that she actually made the offer to Gassaway to trade sex for legal services and not the other way around. Jason Hodges: Hodges was a vice officer at the time of Gassaway's arrest. Hodges testified to assisting in the arrest of Gassaway. It was during Hodges's testimony that the jury (and vice) learned Davidson had made her own audio recording of the police. Once the possibility of an audio recording was made apparent, Hodges's memory suddenly went out the window and he kept passing the buck to another officer, Chris Swanson. Christopher "Chris" Swanson: Swanson, another vice officer, probably made the biggest negative impact for the prosecution. Swanson refused to admit to anything that would even slightly cast a negative light on his investigation and arrest of Gassaway. So much so that he appeared to be lying. When Adams simply asked Swanson to acknowledge that when Davidson asked Gassaway if she could be on the "Marquette Plan" that, that meant blow jobs for legal services. Swanson actually played it off as if he had no idea what that meant and that for all he knew, Gassaway wanted her to clean his office and not sex. The jury however was unimpressed and visibly shook their heads at Swanson's refusal to be truthful. Despite a very impassioned prosecution by ADA Sandra Elliot, it is JohnTV.com's opinion that the jury could not look past the obvious bias of police and their willingness to enforce their will over enforcing the law. The jury deliberated only 30 minutes before returning a not guilty verdict. As a side note, it was refreshing to see current Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater to go over and shake the hands of the defense team and Gassaway himself. (return to JohnTV.com)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

JohnTV.com Posts New Videos to YouTube

JohnTV.com Posts New Videos to YouTube 4/1/07 -- This weekend JohnTV.com posted four new videos to the popular video sharing website YouTube.com. The videos are as follows; 1.) (2002) TODAY show interview with Video Vigilante This video is from an interview by Matt Louer of the TODAY show just days after Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, taped the infamous Donald Pete arrest. 2.) Video Vigilante Catches Military Recruiter with Hooker This is a KFOR news channel 4 newscast of a military recruiter caught by the Video Vigilante picking up a known street prostitute. 3.) Segment from Video Vigilantes Special This is an edited portion of a one-hour special that aired on video vigilantes. 4.) News Coverage of Hooker Tour in OKC This is a KOCO news channel 5 newscasts of a tour given to local city leaders by Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, and the Alliance Against Prostitution (AAP). See all JohnTV.com YouTube videos here. Visit JohnTV.com here.