Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eight Arrested for Prostitution; Vice Lies to Media

7/25/06 (edited 4/15/07) -- Oklahoma County - Undercover vice sting last July results in arrests in South Oklahoma City for prostitution related charges. Unfortunately, that success is tainted by lies told by Oklahoma City vice to the media covering the arrests. According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following were booked into jail;
  1. Krystal R. Cleghorn White female DOB: 9/25/83 Chickasaw, OK Charges: Trespassing on private property and failure to appear on a prostitution charge in Canadian County.
  2. Rhonda Lynn Crites (arrested as Rhonda Lynn Cole) White female DOB: 2/5/70 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  3. Johnny Nunez Garcia Mexican male DOB: 11/13/79 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  4. Tonya Marie Grummons White female DOB: 2/12/75 Drumright, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  5. Laura Marie Adair (arrested as Laura Marie Justus) White female DOB: 8/6/61 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage and fugitive from justice.
  6. Jason Glenn Kaufman White male DOB: 2/25/64 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  7. Jesus Magallans Mexican male DOB: 4/2/83 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage.
  8. Lam Nguyen Asian male DOB: 9/25/59 OKC, OK Charge: Offering to engage. was in the area when the arrests went down on South Robinson Ave.

South Robinson Ave. has been the subject of numerous citizen complaints over the years.

Following Oklahoma City vice officers was local news station FOX25.

FOX25 interviewed several of the arrested prostitutes and Vice Lieutenant Doug Kimberlin.

During the interview, Lt. Kimberlin explained that his unit does more than simply arrest prostitutes. Kimberlin claimed that he puts the arrested prostitutes in touch with organizations that can help get them off the streets. Specifically, Lt. Kimberlin claimed they put them in touch with religious organizations and women's organizations. Kimberlin went so far as to say "we've done way more than eliminate the prostitution... we've hopefully given someone a better life."

We here at knew better.

Within days of the sting, most of the women arrested were back on the street once again prostituting.'s own Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, interviewed one of the arrested prostitutes and questioned her on Lt. kimberlin's claims.

Rhonda Crites, 37, confirmed what Bates already knew - Oklahoma City vice is more concerned out public appearance than actually addressing the problem.

Crites explained that none of Lt. Kimberlin's claims of aid, much less "a better life," were true.

See video below for the proof.


rachel plano said...

I for on know for a fact that the vice never ever said anything about getting any kind of help or referals. All they wanted to do was ask questions an try to get you confused an say something they wanted to hear.. I will go as far as saying I even sit their an watched them basically intergate one lady. They even called her a crack head an made fun of her in front of me.. I thought that was really professional in them. It just showed me what they were all about an all it was is they want a good name for themselves.. Bottom line. They are not out there to help anyone get help. I am sorry but I was just very disgusted with the whole damn bunch of them. Not every woman they arrest are crack heads. I for one has never ever done any kind of drugs nor have I ever been drunk in my life. I only made a really huge mistake in my life an I am paying for it. Nothing they could do would ever hurt me as much as I have hurt myself an my family. I just got reeled in by the wrong person an I regret ever talking to them. What the vice wanted me to do was be a snitch of them or rather a decoy an set up others. Really is that helping anyone. NO it isn't, only the law enforcement to make more money.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? Vice is nothing but a bunch of perverts who got badges to try and justify their perversions. They are all married and spend their days getting their rocks off with whores. Then they go home and kiss the wife and tell her it is all in a days work. Shove it up their ass Bates!

Anonymous said...

Vice are the dirtiest cops there are. I had a friend arrested by vice. She was forced to stand naked for an hour in front of 4-5 male officers. I bet they don't do that with the nasty drug hookers on the streets. These guys cheat on their wives every day. I think its great that John exposes them for what they are.