Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OKC Police Indifference to Street Prostitution a Cause for Concern

6/13/07 -- OKC, OK - Some say police officers patrolling prostitution infested areas of South Oklahoma City are making their community worse by befriending the hookers and their pimps. has posted a video (click thumbnail image above) that shows graphic examples of police consorting with hookers and the hookers becoming so emboldened they mock the officers and do not even try to hide their illegal activities; activities that literally hold families hostage in their own homes.

The video is broken down into two parts. Part 1 depicts a day when police were called to arrest a street prostitute with outstanding warrants. The police Lt. who arrived on scene did not bother to arrest the soliciting prostitute on her warrants. Instead, the officer chatted with the hooker and instructed her to work a few blocks away and in another police district. The officer then attempted to intimidate Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, and founder of this site, by parking next to him and staring at him.

The second part shows several hookers soliciting in a neighborhood park. A police officer arrives on scene. Instead of checking the hookers for warrants or running them off, the officer jokes with the hookers. One of them tells the officer how much she has missed him. The same hooker refers to another officer as her husband and says she's having his baby. As the officer leaves the hookers to solicit, the hookers tell him they are being harassed and to look after them.

More information to come. Click here to be taken to a larger version of the video above.


Keir said...

I expect such scenes here in Beijing where slave labour and child prostitution is ignored and at times even provided by the state forces, but not in America. All I know about Oklahoma is the musical and the horrific bombing; doesn't seem like your police force is too bothered about how your community is viewed outside. So much for serving and protecting those who spend their tax dollars for the privilege.

Anonymous said...

check out the flying jay truckstop,the lot lizards walk the lot all day!!

chen said...

Hi ! I'm from Singapore. I'm surprise that such street prostitution are rampant. In our country, foreign prostitution and suspected pimps/lookouts are also affecting the environment and security in some parts of our community. As residents and family members, we feel the threats posed by the gathering of such shady people in our areas.

The video and description are almost the same as here.

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