Monday, February 11, 2008

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Edmond deacon blind pleas to child porn charges; Records show previous sex crimes

2/11/08 (updated 2/22/08) -- OKC, OK - UPDATE: This past Monday, (2/20/08) Fly was sentenced to 6-years in prison, followed by 20-years of probation as a sex offender. Fly will have to serve at least 5-years before being elligible for early release.

A former Edmond Church of Christ deacon enters a 'blind plea of guilty' to charges he covertly taped his teen daughter's friends nude in his home. Court records show the defendant had a prior conviction.

As previously reported on, Jason Adam Fly, 46, was arrested and charged with 7 felony counts after police met with the parents of several teenage girls that had stayed overnight at the Fly home.

The girls were friends of Fly's teen daughter - the youngest just 13-years old.

During the investigation it was learned that Fly had placed a hidden camera in his daughter's bedroom and bathroom.

The cameras were discovered in December of 2005 when one of the victims saw images of another semi-nude teen on Fly's computer in his bedroom.

According to court records, Fly's daughter confronted Fly and demanded to know why her bedroom and bathroom were being videotaped. Fly reportedly tried to cover up the computer screen and replied the cameras were because his teenage son has a habit of sneaking out of the house (no cameras or video images were ever found in the son's room).

When police searched Fly's home they reportedly found over 400 images of "females in different stages of undress. All of the females appear[ed] to be under 18." At least 24 of those images were of a nude 13-year old friend of Fly's daughter.

Fly was charged with 7 felonies in August of 2006. Those charges included; Using electronic equipment in a clandestine manner, possession of child pornography, procuring a minor to be used in images depicting sexual activity, and manufacturing child pornography.

During the preliminary hearing, Fly's attorney tried to argue that the nude images of the teenage girls were not pornography because they were not sexual in nature and that Fly had a right to use covert video equipment to spy on his own children in his own house.

Fly was bound over for trial. That trial was to begin January 28.

In December, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's office filed a motion of "intent to offer evidence of other crimes, wrongs or acts of sexual misconduct."

Specifically, the fact that Fly had been convicted in 1994 in Taylor County, TX for indecent exposure.

Facing an insurmountable amount of evidence against him, Fly reached an agreement with prosecutors. While the details of the agreement have yet to be made public, it appears the state will ask the judge to sentence Fly to 10-years in prison, followed by 10-years probation, in exchange for a blind plea of guilty. surmises this was done to protect the young victims from having to testify in open court.

Fly will be sentenced February 20, 2008.

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