Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prostitute and 'John' Foil Vice Sting

3/21/07 -- OKC, OK - Oklahoma City Vice stage sting to net street prostitutes; Prostitute and local business owner allegedly foil vice's efforts. Last Friday afternoon members of the Oklahoma City Vice Unit conducted a street prostitution sting near SE 44th and S. Byers. In response to citizen complaints, male undercover officers were in the area attempting to arrest soliciting female prostitutes. Only one prostitute, Angela Denise Clemons, 39, was arrested, though at least 7 additional prostitutes were witnessed soliciting in the area. According to one prostitute working that day, vice's efforts were thwarted from the beginning by a local business owner who pointed the sting out to her.'s own Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, was in the area and caught the alleged 'John' business owner and prostitute on tape. Later, the prostitute admitted to Bates what had actually happened. According to Kemala "Kim" G. Brown, 44, she was picked up by a white male driving a dark pickup truck. Brown told Bates that the driver owned the commercial property where vice officers had staged their takedown area and processing. As the driver was taking Brown past his property he noticed vice behind his building and Clemons in custody. Brown said the driver called his business and asked an employee to checkout what was going on. The employee told the driver it was a vice sting. Brown said the driver became upset because police had not asked his permission to be on his property. Brown said the driver then took her to SE 48th and Byers and dropped her off - telling her he would be back to date her "after midnight." Brown said she then warned the other prostitutes of vice's presence, Clemons's arrest and takedown location. Within minutes the area was deserted and hundreds of tax dollars and police officer's time wasted. *Note: has intentionally withheld the name of the business and its address because this location is often used by police.


Anonymous said...

I have no clue about the laws of OKC, but I have a feeling that if the sting had progressed as planned, most of the charges would be dismissed by a judge. Simply because the police did not obtain permission from the private property owner to conduct the sting on their property. Another example: you're caught in a speed trap by an officer hiding out on private property - in NY the police must have permission from the property owner beforehand. Perhaps it's different in OKC. Comments anyone?

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but, I doubt most lawyers would even inquire as to whether or not permission was granted. Two, most men do not want the publicity of a trial or even a hearing on motions to dismiss. Three, the businees in question hires off-duty police officers as security and I'd imagine one of them gave permission without knowing their boss liked to pick up hookers himself.