Monday, March 19, 2007

Video Vigilante Makes Second Arrest of 2007

Video Vigilante Makes Second Arrest of 2007 Video of arrest honored on YouTube 3/19/07 (Updated 3/21/07) -- OKC, OK - Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of and the SidebarBlog, arrests alleged street prostitute after she flashes passing motorists. Woman's arrest leads to additional charges for drugs. This afternoon Bates was documenting street prostitution activities near SW 43rd and South Robinson Ave. when the arrest was made. As seen in the video captured by Bates, the female street prostitute, Krystal R. Cleghorn, 23, was soliciting on S. Robinson and directing her customers, also known as 'Johns,' to a vacant house near SW 38th. There she would perform oral sex on the male drivers. Cleghorn was also observed speaking with several young children in the area. Fearing Cleghorn would leave before Bates could capture her prostitution on tape he called 911 after witnessing her flashing passing motorists. Bates says street prostitutes often flash customers to prove they are not police. Two Oklahoma City police officers arrived quickly to the scene and detained Cleghorn. While searching the Cleghorn's belongings, the officer found what he described as two glass meth. pipes. After reviewing the tape, police allowed Bates to place Cleghorn under citizens arrest for engaging in an act of public lewdness. Cleghorn was then transported to the Oklahoma County jail. While Cleghorn herself was being searched at the jail, a detention officer "found a small plastic baggie...that contained a clear, crystal like substance." The substance was tested and determined to be methamphetamine. According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, Cleghorn was booked into jail for public indecency, possession of CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia and drug paraphernalia violation. All of which occurred within 1,000' of a church. Cleghorn is being held on a $3,500 bond. Court records show that Cleghorn is currently serving a one-year suspended sentence for a 2007 conviction of obstructing a police officer. Cleghorn's suspended sentence could be revoked as a result of this arrest. Public records show the following arrests/charges for Cleghorn in the past; Truckstop prostitution 2004 Canadian County. Obstruction 2006 Oklahoma County. Numerous trespassing tickets at area truckstops. Possession of marijuana 2006 OKC. Possession of marijuana 2005 OKC. Possession of marijuana 2005 OKC. Drug paraphernalia 2006 OKC. Drug paraphernalia 2005 OKC. Drug paraphernalia 2005 OKC. Drug Paraphernailia 2007 OKC Case is active. Jail stay recovery 2007 OKC Case is active. No state driver's license 2007 OKC Case is active. The video of Cleghorn's actions and arrest is posted on On 3/21/07 the video was honored on YouTube as the 48th 'Top Favorite' video in the News and Politics section for that day. *Note: You can watch a recent overview of street prostitution in OKC here. All YouTube videos can be found here.

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