Thursday, May 3, 2007

Newly Elected Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater Launches Web site; Former D.A. Lane Refuses to Remove His

5/3/07 -- Okla. Co., OK - Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater recently launched new Internet presence. Meanwhile recently booted out of office former Oklahoma County District Attorney Wes Lane continues to refuse to stop impersonating the current D.A. on his Web site. Just the other day, we here at were Googling the names of District Attorneys and prosecutors in and around Oklahoma County.That's when we realized two things; One, Prater now has a presence on the Web as Oklahoma County's D.A. and, two, the former "Minister of Justice" (now minister of unemployment) Wes Lane is still claiming his site to be "The Official Web site of the Oklahoma County District Attorney C. Wesley Lane II." So much so that Lane's site falsely reports on "Job Openings at the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office." The first thing we noticed was that D.A. Prater's Web site was much more professional looking than Lane's previous/current site (see side-by-side comparison here). We're not sure when D.A. Prater's site was published, but records show the domain name was purchased January 30th (and for only one year, now that's not very optimistic!). The site seems to still be a work in progress as there is no calendar of upcoming events on behalf of the D.A.'s office and many topics have yet to have any content. In particular, hopes to see more information under the "prostitution" heading. D.A. Prater states his goal as, " ensure justice is available for all people of Oklahoma County, regardless of race, creed, religion, or socioeconomic status and in so doing, maintaining unprecedented transparency in County Government." You can read D.A. Prater's site for yourself at

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