Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Washington State Employee Charged in Okla. Gets 5th Court Delay

5/15/07 -- OKC, OK - A Washington DOT employee, arrested last year for allegedly soliciting an undercover police informant for prostitution, is granted his 5th trial delay.

John William Dunn, 45, was arrested September 20, after he reportedly told two women posing as street prostitutes that, " he was looking for a 'blow job.'"

According to court records, Dunn then offered one of the women $20 for the requested sex act.

Dunn, a branch manager with the Washington State Dept. of Transportation, was reportedly in Oklahoma City attending meetings at the expense of Washington tax payers.

JohnTV.com was the first to report on Dunn's arrest.

Dunn was subsequently charged with misdemeanor offering to engage in an act of lewdness.

Since being charged, Dunn has requested and been granted 5 delays in his trial.

Dunn's initial disposition hearing was scheduled for November 30, of last year - six delay requests later, Dunn is now set to appear before Judge Russell Hall, June 21.

Over the last several months, JohnTV.com has received several emails from individuals claiming to know Dunn or to be employed by the Washington DOT.

According to those emails, Dunn is still on the job and is claiming his arrest was a big misunderstanding. Allegedly, Dunn has told employees that he was simply asking the undercover hookers for directions (not erections).

JohnTV.com will continue to follow this story.

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