Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 arrests now published on JohnTV.com

1/22/08 -- Starting today, you can now track each and every prostitution related arrest in Oklahoma County on JohnTV.com (see left navigational menu under 'arrests').

In years past, a popular feature on JohnTV.com was an arrest section that detailed each and every person booked into the Oklahoma County jail for alleged acts of pandering, pimping, human trafficking, prostitution, public lewdness and indecency.

After receiving dozens of requests to continue the arrest section, we have now re-launched it with a couple of revisions.

The 2008 arrests section will continue to include the names and (when available) the mug shots of all men arrested.

However, JohnTV.com is removing the last name and mug shot link to females arrested.

JohnTV.com is also adding the home address of the arrested males and a link to the criminal trial.

JohnTV.com will also be adding information on what type of activity led to the individual's arrest (street, escort, massage parlor prostitution, etc.).

Finally, JohnTV.com is also keeping a running calculation of arrest statistics.

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