Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Local News: Police report released in Deputy Dean arrest

1/1/08 -- OKC, OK - Oklahoma City police release the December 14 prostitution arrest report of Pottawatomie County Sheriff's deputy James R. Dean.

JohnTV.com broke the news of Deans arrest for engaging in an act of public sex with a known, and mentally handicapped, street prostitute to local media outlets two weeks ago after being tipped off by a JohnTV.com fan.

You can read the original article from JohnTV.com by clicking here.

According to the police report, Dean was arrested around noon after stopping for a known street prostitute that was observed "wav[ing] at several vehicles..."

Undercover officers then followed Dean and the prostitute. Dean reportedly parked on a dead end street, at a public park, at SE 39th and South Broadway.

When officers approached Dean's truck they reportedly witnessed the prostitute performing oral sex on Dean.

Further investigation led officers to believe Dean had agreed to pay the prostitute $20 in exchange for the sex act.

Dean and the prostitute were arrested and Dean's '96 Ford F250 was impounded.

Upon Dean's arrest, it was discovered he had in his possession .45 and .38 caliber handguns, ammunition and a tazer.

Dean was released from the Oklahoma County jail in record time after posting bond. The mentally handicapped prostitute, Leola S., remains in custody (now 19 days after being arrested).

According to the official police report, Dean was observed and arrested by members of the Oklahoma City Nuisance Abatement Unit (NAU).

Nuisance Abatement is a unit most Oklahoman's have probably never heard of, but their efforts, ability and willingness to positively impact our communities is immense.

The NAU investigates all nuisance crimes in the city, including but not limited to; street prostitution and properties being utilized to harbor and/or further individuals and/or groups involved in prostitution, gangs and drugs.

Most recently the NAU has been focusing their attention on South Robinson Ave. and the areas near SE 44th and Byers.

Unlike Oklahoma City Vice, it seems members of the NAU have gone out of their way to introduce themselves and solicit information and/or concerns from business owners and other community members in the neighborhoods they are working.

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