Monday, December 17, 2007

Local News: Sheriff's deputy busted with handicapped street prostitute in South OKC

12/17/07 -- OKC, OK - A reserve deputy with the Pottawatomie County sheriff's office was arrested Friday afternoon for allegedly engaging in public sex with a mentally handicapped street prostitute.

James R. Dean, 54, of Tecumseh, was observed by police officers soliciting a known street prostitute near a public park at SW 36th and South Robinson Ave. in South Oklahoma City.

Leola S., 41, is known to as a habitual street prostitute and drug addict. Making matters worse, Leola is mentally handicapped.

Police report that they watched as Dean procured Leola and then parked near SE 39th and Broadway.

Officers approached Dean's vehicle and reportedly observed him engaging in a lewd act with Leola.

Reportedly, officers were able to ascertain that Dean offered Leola $10 for oral sex in public.

Both Dean and Leola were taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

KOKH Fox25 news reported that Dean has been removed from the reserved deputy list in his county.

Charges of engaging in an act of public lewdness are expected to be filed against both Dean and Leola.

The official police report has not yet been released.

Check back with for more information as it becomes available.


borednoklahoma said...

Well it will be interesting to see what they do to this skum bag of a deputy.. And why in the hell don't someone in OKC help this woman out. She needs to be put in a mentally handicapped place. There is one in Wewoka if no one there knows where one is. I believe alot of the judges and police there in OKC are also mentally handicapped or they would help this lady out. That is so insane to see someone like that and just let deputies treat her like this. She deserves more in life than to be treated like she is nothing. She cannot help herself or make decisions for herself! Where is her family at? My God this is America do we let people like that just fend for themselves. Well maybe not the deputies take care of her and give her money I forgot.

Brian Bates said...

Unfortunately it looks like the Okla. Co. Sheriff's office was trying to keep this off the radar. Reportedly Dean was given special treat in the form of access to a phone and expedited his processing through the jail. Additionally, three days later the OKC police have yet to release the police report. Luckily, has 'friends' that work for the police and they tipped us off to Dean's arrest and we inturn tipped off FOX25. Actually, many people have tried to help Leola. I receive emails from her sister in Tulsa on occassion. They have put Leola in apartments, nursing homes, in their own homes and even bought a home for her to live in - to no avail. I know Leola personally and she is a sad sight. She does need help, but it seems unrealistic that she will get it as she refuses to cooperate in her current mental state. She is abused, raped, robbed and beaten up weekly.

unknown said...

how is everyone going to jump to conclusions. he hasn't even been found guilty. what happened to innoncent until proven guilty. i have personally talked to james and he said that she flagged him down and he took her home and then the cops pulled up because they seen her get in his truck. also it was about 28 degrees outside and raining what would you have done. there was no money exchanged or anything. so how is he a scum bag. how is everyone going to believe a mentally changed woman who has been beaten and rapped and robbed. wow some people aren't very smart. maybe people should think before they speak sometimes.

Brian Bates said...

"Innocent until proven guilty" only exists in the criminal courts, not in the court of public opinion. Regardless, the facts as presented are what are being reported. When given the opportunity to express his version of what happened (to FOX25 News), Dean refused. I have no doubt the facts will prove this disgrace to the badge was not only engaging street prostitution - but also the victimization of a mentally ill woman.

Exjohn said...

There is definitely a compulsion among johns. We charge with things like "act of lewdness" but in today's world that seems titillating. The problem of law enforcement is to clean the streets but it's divorced from healing, much like the war on drugs. Though it may lead to getting help, present enforcement strategies are a revolving door for most. I believe the key to stopping this behavior is for johns to develop compassion for the women but also to develop feelings of self worth, perhaps coupled with sex drive inhibition chemically administered by a doctor.

Exjohn said...

Sorry for this addendum but I meant to add that the shaming of johns is probably not conducive to a truly compulsive john getting to the point of having feelings of self worth, so as to combat unhealthy tendencies to engage in street prostitution and victimization. Imagine the shame his innocent family experiences. Compassion is the best doctor. The "John Walsh" approach to social problems makes me suspicious that somebody is self-aggrandizing while purporting to help.