Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Four New Videos Published on YouTube

8/24/07 -- OKC, OK - In an ongoing effort to continue to expose the public to the graphic realities of street prostitution, JohnTV.com has recently published the following four videos to YouTube.com;

  1. Old Man Picks Up Hooker with Kids - This video depicts the cruel reality of prostitute mothers and their worthless pimps. In this video, a street prostitute works a neighborhood park as her pimp takes it easy, sitting in his car as their own children play nearby. See what happens when Video Vigilante Brian Bates confronts the hooker and her "John." *Since this video was published on YouTube, it has received an honor for "top rated" in YouTube's "news and politics" section.
  2. Street Hooker Drops Her Pants and Grabs a Whip - This video shows the extent some hookers will go to attract the attention of potential "Johns." In this video a 17-year old runaway changes clothes on a busy corner. Later, her pimp has her put on a dog collar and leash.
  3. Pimp and Drug Dealer Taken off the Streets in OKC - A local drug, dealer, pimp and all around scumbag is taken off the streets and put behind bars for his crimes. See his arrest through the lens of the Video Vigilante.
  4. Prostitute Threatens Video Vigilante (revised) - Originally, this video (and several more like it) showed the alleged illegal activities of some of South Robinson's most notorious prostitutes and pimps. But, thanks to Kingfisher prosecutor Bryan Slabotsky, several of those prostitutes are now being granted state sponsored protection from their crimes being publicized. For the next year, JohnTV.com must remove or re-edit the videos containing three specific prostitute felons and a felon pimp. This video is our response to that court order. *Since this video was published on YouTube, it has received three honors for "most discussed" (x2) and "top rated."

You can see all of the Video Vigilante's videos here.

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