Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You're Busted Buddy! Street Prostitute and 'John' Busted Near School Kids

9/17/07 -- OKC, OK - A young street prostitute and her customer are caught on tape engaging in lewdness near school kids out for a jog.

This afternoon, JohnTV.com's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates, caught what has to be one of the most shocking and disturbing acts of prostitution near children in his 10-plus years on the street.

Around noon, Bates witnessed a young female prostituting on South Robinson Ave. She was soon picked up by a young Hispanic male.

The two drove directly to a business, located next to a church and surrounded by homes near SW 46th and South Shields. More disturbing though was the large number of teenage girls jogging in the area from a nearby high school.

Bates tells JohnTV.com that the 'John' seemed to intentionally park where he could see the young school girls and they could potentially see him engaged in sex.

The hooker twice got out of the car and removed articles of clothing before she and her 'John' began to engage in sexual intercourse.

Bates called 911 and then approached the car to get the video evidence needed to ensure a conviction.

After being confronted, the two quickly left the area.

Bates tells JohnTV.com that he will be turning the video over to police within the next 24-hours.

This is the second prostitution related lewd act Bates has caught on this property in recent years.

In the first case, the prostitute and 'John' were both charged with a felony lewd act.

JohnTV.com will update this story in the near future.

See KFOR News Channel 4's report on this incident.

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