Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Case Dismissed Against Washington State D.O.T. Employee

7/10/07 -- OKC, OK - Late last month, solicitation of prostitution charges were dropped against a D.O.T. employee from out-of-state.

Back in September of last year, Washington State Department of Transportation employee John William Dunn, 45, was arrested after he reportedly told two women, posing as street prostitutes, that "he was looking for a 'blow job.'"

According to court records, Dunn then offered one of the women $20 for the requested sex act.

Dunn, a branch manager, was reportedly in Oklahoma City attending meetings at the expense of Washington tax payers.

JohnTV.com was the first to report on Dunn's arrest.

After five court delays, records show that the misdemeanor charge against Dunn was dropped on June 21st.

The only explanation given was that the dismissal was in "the best interest of justice."

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