Wednesday, December 12, 2007

National News: Prostitutes hear of a different life

10/16/07 -- Corpus Christi, TX - The Corpus Christi Police Department is taking a different approach to finding a long-term solution to prostitution when stings and straight arrests fail.

Since the second week of September, the department has worked informally with a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Driscoll called Teen Challenge of South Texas.

Teaming up is a sign the department is trying more nontraditional tactics to fight a constant, migrating problem, said Capt. Jay Vesely. Drug addiction almost always is what pushes prostitutes to the streets to sell themselves, he said.

Teen Challenge gives the women a chance to change their lives, said Pastor Michael Adams, the center's executive director.

"It's just become a deep way of life -- it's rooted in them and it's sin," Adams said. "Most people don't want to confront it. They don't want to confront their real issues, instead of masking them."

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