Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nat'l News: Orlando Weekly Employees Arrested Over Escort Ads

10/22/07 -- Orlando, FL - After reportedly asking an Orlando Weekly to stop allowing ads that were allegedly a front for prostitution, police arrest three of the papers staff members.

According to published reports, the arrests are the result of a two-year investigation.

Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) identified those arrested as director of classified advertising Jarrell Martin, 43, and account executives Katherine Miller and Christopher Whitingis.

All three face charges of benefiting monetarily from the proceeds of prostitution.

The arrests happened last friday at an Orlando hotel, where the Orlando Weekly employees were participating in a job fair.

It seems trouble started after the Orlando Weekly ignored requests by local authorities to stop publishing escort and massage ads in the 'adult services' section of their newspaper.

The Orlando Weekly reportedly responded to the request by saying they had no plans to change their advertising policies.

MBI estimates that the Orlando Weekly has made almost $2.5 million in profits over the last five years from the ads.

And, before you go flying that "free speech," First Amendment flag too high, police claim they sent female undercover officers to the Orlando Weekly and made it clear the ads they wanted to publish were for prostitution - free speech ends when it is in furtherance of a crime.

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