Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did South Robinson Drug Dealer Bluff Cops During Arrest?

9/19/07 -- OKC, OK - A man is arrested for drug possession in a known dope bar in South Oklahoma City, he told police he didn't work there, JohnTV.com knows better.

Around 2am on September 11, two Oklahoma City police officers conducted a "bar check" at a tavern located at 3501 S. Robinson Ave.

The bar at this location is well-known for cocaine trafficking. Street prostitutes are also often seen coming and going from the rear entrance.

Though legally the bar should have been closed at 2am, the officers found at least one man inside.

The man identified himself as Jesus Morales Perez, 40. According to the official police report, Perez claimed he was "not an employee of the bar and said he works construction."

Police detained Perez under a city ordinance that forbids non-employees from "remaining in a tavern after closing hours."

While searching Perez, police found "a white plastic baggie containing a white powder that later field tested positive for powder cocaine."

Perez was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on charges of possession of a CDS and city charges for being in the bar after hours.

In reality, Perez is known by the street name "Chewy" and is the proprietor of the tavern.

For some time now, street prostitutes have reported to JohnTV.com that Perez conducts his drug transactions in the restrooms - selling cocaine to the hookers, who in turn hide it inside their vagina as they leave the bar and sell the drugs to their customers.

Perez was released from jail after posting bond.

In recent months, Perez hired convicted murderer and pimp Thomas "Tommy" Wornick, 41, to act as a police lookout and 'muscle' for the tavern.

Wornick can be found most days loitering outside the bar, on the watch for police.

JohnTV.com has tried numerous ways to get this dope bar closed down over the years - calling police, reporting the bar to the health department for no running water or garbage collection, no liquor license, etc.

JohnTV.com will continue to follow this case.

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