Wednesday, December 12, 2007

National: Austin residents take to the streets to protest prostitution

12/3/07 -- Austin, TX - Neighbors and members of the North Austin Civic Association in the Rundberg-Interstate 35 area of North Austin raised their voices again Saturday morning in protest of neighborhood crime.

The protestors claim some local businesses are perpetuating the area's problems with drug deals and prostitution.

Protesters walked the streets with signs reading, "Keep Crime Out." "Hotels, Don't Serve Dealers." and "Police the Problem, Not the People."

"There are still businesses who, after the march, have not gotten proactive and joined our efforts in clearing the criminal element out of that area and creating a better quality of life," Anthony Williams of the North Austin Civic Association said.

"We put this little protest together because some of the businesses are catering to crime," said Larry Hardison of the Northcreek Georgian Neighborhood Association.

This is their second neighborhood event in four months.

Police have called the area's crime problem "severe." Rundberg Lane has been the site of two murders in two years, countless drug deals and prostitution in hourly motels.

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