Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Int'l News: Sex in the sun - It is a seedier side of Spanish life which few talk about

10/24/07 -- Spain - She says her name is Rina, but it almost certainly is not.

Asked where she comes from, she says the East, but refuses to say any more.

She isn’t there to talk. She is pretty, perhaps late teens or early twenties, dyed hair, an outfit ludicrously skimpy for early January; she must be freezing cold. Her eyes are old, the pupils slightly dilated. She gets irritable at questions.

Rina is a Roundabout Girl, one of the prostitutes that stand around certain roundabouts along the Orihuela Costa, in south-east Spain, selling themselves for less than EUR 50, for a brief and sordid encounter in a car at the back of a building site.

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