Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Video Vigilante featured on ABC's Nightline

11/2/07 -- Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante and founder of, Brian Bates, was featured on tonight's Nightline on ABC.

As reported on JohnTV, Jim Avila, senior law and justice ABC news correspondent, spent a few days last week riding along with Bates as he uses his video camera to expose the graphic realities of street prostitution in South Oklahoma City, along the notorious 'Robinson stroll.'

Also featured in this report was Yvonne, a former street prostitute and drug addict.

In 2002 Bates recorded a heart-breaking interview with Yvonne. In that interview, Yvonne tells a tale of addiction, disease and of being 'turned out' by her own mother at 12-years old.

Fast forward 5 years and Nightline reunites Bates and Yvonne, who now owns her own beauty salon just outside Oklahoma City and is attending college.

Bates tells that Yvonne's story is proof that city leaders should not give up on women lost to street prostitution.

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