Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nat'l News Watch: Everett WA to Host JohnTV of Their Own?

9/4/07 -- Everett, WA - The city of Everett, Washington is the latest to consider the idea of publicly shaming those charged with prostitution related crimes.

According to an article published today in the Daily Herald, the idea is being proposed by City Councilman Ron Gipson.

Gipson's plan would call for utilizing the city's public access television station and the Internet to publish the mug shots of convicted "Johns."

Gipson is quoted as saying it's time to shame people with what he called a "modern scarlet letter."

Gipson, a correctional officer at the Denney Juvenile Justice Center, is up for re-election.

A city spokesperson told the Herald that the issue would be discussed at a yet-to-be scheduled council subcommittee meeting.

The Herald also contacted and quoted JohnTV.com's own Video Vigilante, Brian Bates in their article. Though the article incorrectly identified Bates as a Kansas City resident, the article did quote Bates as saying "similar efforts from cities usually start with politicians or police administrators responding to public outcry. Some make a splash and have a positive result in the short run, but often fizzle out after a year or two..."

Bates was also interviewed this afternoon on KOMO 1000 out of Washington.

In case you are wondering, police in Everett report arresting a whopping 34 people for prostitution in 2006.

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